777 days.

That's actually how long it's been since I published my last report about Tokyo 7th Sisters. It's an amazing coincidence.

Does this make me a 777☆SISTER too?

It has been a busy year for Tokyo 7th Sisters. 4U had their first solo concerts, 2 new units debuted, 1 album and 5 singles were released, and two major concerts were held.

Additionally, Tokyo 7th Sisters' popularity has skyrocketed this year, perhaps in part due to the addition of multiple high profile voice actresses to the performing cast and due to the success of their Budokan concert, which attracted a whopping 14,000 or so people, along with a renewal of the rhythm game system late last year.

4th Live took place at the same venue as 3rd Live did, Makuhari Messe Event Hall, but because of growing demand (with roughly the same supply), ticketing this time was particularly competitve. I was unfortunately unable to attend 4U's concerts early in the year, so I made it a priority for myself to attend the anniversary concert. Fortunately, fc and I were able to make it to both days.

This report covers both days, so it's going to be a bit long. Here is an index that will allow you to jump to various parts easily!

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Set List
  4. Further Reading

Now without further ado, here's our report.

Day 1

rop: Day 1 started with a bit of trouble. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but doors were meant to open at 4:00 pm, and for some reason, they didn't. By around 4:40 pm, we received the news that people had already begun entering, so we made our way towards the entrance. To our shock, we discovered a monstrous line that stretched all the way from the entrance of the hall, across a bridge into a long park area called Messe Mall. It was something like this:

I have brilliant mouse drawing skills, I know.

rop: It ended up taking us about another 30 minutes to actually enter the hall, and so needless to say, the start of the concert was delayed.

fc: That being said, at the time I wasn't sure how delayed it would be, so I quickly rushed to find the flower stand I organised to represent us foreign shihainins:

rop: I was reading reaction tweets to the flower stand when I came across a tweet that said that they always looked forward to seeing our stand, so I felt it was a good time to look back at the stands that we've sent thus far.

rop: The photos in the tweet are for 2nd Live, 3rd Live, Memorial Live, and finally 4th Live. Unfortunately, we weren't experienced enough with attending concerts and weren't even aware that sending flower stands was a thing when we attended 1st Live back in May of 2015, so the first flower stand we sent was actually for 2nd Live, and it was the only one that I actually had a hand in.

fc: I wrote a post about it on this blog if you want to take a look.

rop: Anyway back to 4th Live. This year, there was a lot of early speculation about the arena seating arrangements because of how they completely overhauled the seat arrangement at Budokan to fit as many people in as they could. However, the arena ended up being a standard grid layout, albeit with more blocks in it than usual (A-Q as opposed to A-O normally). It also surprisingly had a smaller stage at the back of the arena, which lead to a lot of speculation.

The rear stage.

rop: For day 1, I was seated in the stands quite near the back, as you can see from this photo. It had a great view of the rear stage though, so I had my hopes up. I also noticed trucks lined along the sides of the main stage so I knew the performers would be coming down the sides on them, which I expected to have a good view of.

fc: Meanwhile I was seated in the front half of the arena, toward the right side (D block). All in all, pretty good seats (thanks Phos). At around 5:30pm, there was a pause in the BGM and an unfamiliar female voice began giving the normal pre-live regulations. I was a bit surprised at that point, because typically T7S lives have characters voice the lines.

rop: But around 5:50 pm, the pre-concert BGM died down again, this time giving way to an announcement by Wakaouji Rui (Kawasaki Meiko), going over the regulations for the concert and getting us excited for what was to come. This continues the trend of having a Seventh Sisters member do the announcements for anniversary concerts that started with 2nd Live (2nd: Mana, 2.5: Nicole, 3rd: Qruit, 4th: Rui).

rop: When the announcement ended, a timer appeared on the screen and took us forward in time to the year 2034, and the opening movie began to play. This year, the theme of the concert was simply a "music festival" (hence the FES in the title), so it didn't really lend any ideas for the videos like say for 3rd Live (Chain the Blossom). Instead, the video was themed around the sky, like the newest single MELODY IN THE POCKET, and teased all the characters that were appearing in the concert.


rop: The opening video linked seamlessly into this song. It is 777☆SISTERS' newest song, so it made sense for them to open with it. The performers made a grand appearance from below the stage on an elevator as the song started, which rose to the middle of the stairs on the stage. While they were singing, there was a video overlay on the main screen that introduced the performers and their respective roles one by one.

fc: Part of me was a bit disappointed they started with this song because I feel that this song is one of the more emotional ones - not on the level of Mata Ashita or Harukaze, but of that genre (coincidentally three of these songs were composed by Motegi himself). But I suppose this was a festival after all, so it's all about having fun.


rop: I wasn't quite expecting this song to come up so soon, but the transition between MELODY IN THE POCKET and STAY☆GOLD was also incredibly seamless with the live band. Praise Motegi for live band, seriously.

fc: This song has been one of my favorites since it came out last year, it's so up-beat and positive. And the live band, a staple since 3rd Live, has always been amazing.

rop: The combination of these two up-beat songs easily got everyone excited. I noticed last year that a lot of people at T7S concerts seem to enjoy doing furicopy, which is when you dance along to the song by copying the performers, and by this point, I had joined in too.

3. Cocoro Magical/777☆SISTERS

rop: For some reason, I honestly didn't expect them to do this song. T7S has a lot of songs now, and when I discussed potential songs with some friends ahead of the concert, I had actually dismissed the 1st album songs because of how the first set of unit songs have been all but abandoned.

fc: That being said, this ended up being one of the few 1st album songs they performed over the two days.

rop: Although they did perform this song as recently as Memorial, I had a throwback to 1st Live, where they performed the song for the first time.

rop: For this song, they all went into trucks that went around the arena all the way to the back, and then stopped along the two sides, giving the people near the back plenty of opportunity to see the performers up close.

rop: At this point, I realised that the trucks weren't actually tall enough to allow people in the stands to see the performers. This was quite unfortunate, as they made quite extensive use of the trucks throughout the concert (which is a great thing aside from being unable to see).

fc: My seat was thankfully decently close to the carts passing by on the right, but the real winners were the first row stands folks, who were very close and almost eye-level.


rop: After three songs non-stop, the trucks carrying the members of 777☆SISTERS stopped where they were, and the members began introducing themselves. The members were already divided into 4 groups of three, and each group performed a small in-character skit before introducing themselves. As per tradition, Kuonji Shizuka (Imai Asaka) had a pun for us, but unfortunately it was the same pun she used last year, as the venue was the same (幕張メッセで頑張りまっせ makuhari messe de ganbari masse).

rop: Before concluding their MC, they explained that this concert was themed after a music festival, leading to a video sequence starting on the main screen to introduce the next artist. All 12 members ducked down into the truck, and the trucks moved towards the back of the arena as "Seventh Sisters" appeared on the screen. As I was positioned near the back anyway, I was able to sneak peaks at the trucks without distracting myself from the main stage, and I noticed the members getting off the trucks at the rear stage and left. This turned out to be the only thing they used the rear stage for, which was disappointing.

4. PUNCH'D RANKER/セブンスシスターズ

rop: Seventh Sisters popped up from below the main stage in pairs, and with the same momentum they launched into PUNCH'D RANKER, which, if you know the song, is a pretty high-paced rock song. The live band for the concert was perfect for this song.

rop: Just like at 2nd Live, Seventh Sisters appeared in the outfit illustrated on their latest single, WORLD'S END. 3rd Live has so far been the only concert where they didn't wear something based on their singles, but that was probably because they didn't have a new release that year (SEVENTH HAVEN was 2nd Live).

fc: These outfits, similar to the Start Line outfits for 777☆SISTERS, have been the main outfits for Seventh Sisters for the past year now (for example, featured on the cover of the Complete Music File), so it was great to finally see them in person.

5. WORLD'S END/セブンスシスターズ

rop: As expected, PUNCH'D RANKER was followed with WORLD'S END. Overall, it was less intense, but just as fun, with plenty of places for us to sing along despite the song not really having any calls (e.g. the "I want" parts of the chorus, the countdown in the bridge).

fc: Since this single came out soon after 3rd Live, it has taken over a year for these songs to be performed live. I remember singing them at karaoke once thinking that they would be amazing live, and they didn't disappoint.


rop: After the first two songs, the members stopped to introduce themselves (not that they really needed introducing). During Hanyuu Mito (Fuchigami Mai)'s introduction, she got us all to say her trademark 渕上舞だよ~ (Fuchigami Mai dayo~) phrase with her, which was a throwback to 3rd Live where the other members were copying Maimai's hand actions when she says that phrase, and eventually ended up with everyone in the venue doing it.

rop: There was also a small skit between Kotobuki Qruit (Kurose Yuuko) and Yusa Memoru (Tsuji Ayumi), where Qruit misinterpreted an earlier instruction for everyone to introduce themselves to mean everyone in the venue, so she pointed to a random spectacled member of the audience and told him to introduce himself, all while Memoru was getting angry to her side.

rop: They then talked a bit about their outfits. Some of the members began to spin, to show us the outfit, but Minase Inori (Nanasaki Nicole) and Maimai stopped them, telling them that they can't just do things like that for free, they have to wait for the audience to request it first.

rop: Finally, they asked the audience how many people were seeing a Tokyo 7th Sisters concert for the first time, and a good third of the audience raised their hands. She then asked how many people there attended 1st Live. A lot fewer hands went up this time, but I was surprised at how many hands did go up; at least a few hundred people, which is a pretty good turnout. As I put my hand up, I heard someone behind me mutter, "The chosen ones...", which made me chuckle.

fc: It surprised me how many people there were as well, I figure these kinds of franchises have high turnover, and T7S didn't really get off to the smoothest of starts...

6. Star☆Glitter/セブンスシスターズ

rop: For those who have forgotten, Star☆Glitter was Tokyo 7th Sisters' first ever song, and every time I hear it, I'm reminded of Inorin's MC at the end of 1st Live. It's such a good song, and the lyrics carry so much meaning in them.

fc: Because they often end the live with this song (sung with all the cast), this was the first time since 2nd Live that only Seventh Sisters sung this song. At this point I started wondering what they were going to end with this time.

7. Sparkle☆Time!!/セブンスシスターズ

rop: Here, the members got onto the trucks and started going around the arena. I kind of wish they didn't, because the furi for this song is really fun to do, but I couldn't really remember it well enough to do myself. Also I couldn't see them from my seat, but that's a different issue entirely.

8. SEVENTH HAVEN/セブンスシスターズ

rop: SEVENTH HAVEN is exciting and fun as always. This is probably one of Tokyo 7th Sisters' most well known songs at this point, given just how much it gets played at clubs and other events. To get everyone in the mood, they broke out the pyrotechnics and lasers, which was received with a huge cheer.

fc: I could feel the fire from where I was sitting not that close from the stage, I can't imagine how hot it was for the performers.

9. アイコトバ/Ci+LUS

rop: Ci+LUS debuted earlier this year and performed for the first time at Memorial Live in July. For those that have heard the songs before, you'll know that they're very upbeat and cute songs. Let it be known that the songs are even cuter in person, when you see the performers doing the dance as well. It's was so adorable and sweet I thought I would get diabetes or something, especially the final lines of each verse, which they each sang one each, effectively a capella, and they would strike a cute pose after it.

fc: The "Papapaya papapayappa~" call is always so fun to do too.


rop: Ci+LUS is the only group to address the audience with gendered terms as because Makoto calls you onii-chan in-game. But because T7S has a pretty even male : female ratio, Yamazaki Erii (Tamasaka Makoto) started addressing the audience as both onii-chan and onee-chan back at Budokan, which was very well received by the female fans this time around too. Tanaka Minami (Origasa Ayumu) also did a similar thing by calling the audience goshujinsama and ojousama.

rop: A lot of time was spent talking about their outfits this time, which the designers seemed to have gone all out for. You can't really see it from the photo above, but the dresses actually have a cat tail attached to the back, which swung around as they danced and was very adorable. The berets they have on their heads actually also have a huge ribbon on the back, which was positioned in such a way that it looked like triangular cat ears when viewed from in front.

10. シトラスは片想い/Ci+LUS

rop: For this song, the duo got on a truck and went around the arena. I recall this song having a slightly more intense dance than Aikotoba from Budokan, so that was a little sad, but by the end of the song, they were back on stage and could at least do the finishing part of the dance, which was very cute.

rop: This song also has more points for audience participation (clapping in the verse and shouting "Peace!" after the chorus), which is always fun.

11. ラブリー♡オンリー/SU♡SUTA(きゅうとな)

fc: After Ci+LUS came the unit they inspired, SU♡SUTA (Cute-na).

rop: This song was the coupling song to MELODY IN THE POCKET and the unit is the second unit in the series that started with Haru☆Jika (Chiisana). The unit has "cute" in the name, and the song was indeed cute, but I feel like the impact was lost by putting them directly after Ci+LUS, which was illegally cute.

fc: The heart pose they made to end the song was very on-point though, I have to admit.


rop: After their song, they introduced themselves, and then asked us about their outfits. They compared themselves to Ci+LUS by drawing attention to the devil tails on their outfits, which I had actually not even noticed because of how bold the rest of the outfits were. They then talked about how the concept of their unit was about showering the manager with love, as they are the only two characters that openly do so in the story.

fc: The tails were very interesting, as there was actually a thin cable (string?) connecting the tip of the tail to the back of the outfit, allowing them to stay up the way they did but still be waveable side-to-side. During the MC Susu was as boisterous as always, and Sumire had to play the role of the adult, getting her under control, instead of Musubi as usual. In the end, Sumire had to forcibly push Susu off stage, but not before Susu told everybody that she'd meet everybody in our dreams (sadly, I do not remember my dream that night).

12. ひまわりのストーリー/Le☆S☆Ca

rop: The crowd went wild when Le☆S☆Ca came on. They performed this song for the first time at Memorial Live, but it wouldn't be surprising if this was the first time hearing the song for most people. But despite that, pretty much the entire audience joined in with the hand waving during the choruses of the song.

fc: I couldn't keep my eyes off Hikarun (Ueda Hikaru, voice of Nishizono Honoka), who was just so cute trying her hardest to do the dances while singing. She's really grown so much since her live debut at 2nd Live.

13. タンポポ/Le☆S☆Ca

rop: I think this is probably my favourite Le☆S☆Ca song. The song is a brilliant display of their ability as a group, mixing solo and combined singing parts with a simple yet mesmerising dance that has individual members shifting in and out of the centre as part of the dance.

rop: It's also super fun to dance along. And the (second-to-last) Kimi dayoooooo at the end of the last chorus is fun. I always loved how that one line isn't actually a call, but the performers decided to make it one by simply extending their mics out to the audience at 3rd Live, and it's been that way since.


rop: As usual, Le☆S☆Ca's MC began with some Uebas teasing. They then went on to introduce themselves and then shifted into talk about their outfits, highlighting individual differences and especially how Yoshii Ayami (Uesugi U. Kyouko)'s outfit had extra bits because she was the leader.

fc: The oversized ribbon on the back of the outfits was a great touch (T7S outfit designers love their ribbons).

rop: They got the crowd all worked up, and then Fujita Akane (Araki Rena) revealed that the next song was a rather slow one...

14. トワイライト/Le☆S☆Ca

rop: I had actually been hoping for Behind Moon, but Twilight is good too. They didn't sing this song at Memorial, and I didn't attend the Day 2's afternoon performance for 3rd Live so this was my first time hearing this song since 2nd Live, which brought back a lot of memories. As Akanen said, it's a slow song, and so it's much easier to appreciate the singing.

fc: I too was actually also hoping for Behind Moon... Twilight is a great song though, Akanen's solo parts really highlight her strong singing voice, and the dance is good as well.

15. YELLOW/Le☆S☆Ca

rop: Right before the song, the trio addressed the manager (you), in a mini-MC, saying that this is now their fifth time appearing at a concert already (2nd, 2.5, 3rd, Memorial, 4th), and so it was now their turn to repay their gratitude, telling us to bring Le☆S☆Ca's yellow light home with us. YELLOW. It had a very solemn tone, and it almost looked like Ayamin had tears in her eyes. Unfortunately, while the MC was emotional, that emotion was kind of blown away when the song started, because YELLOW is pretty upbeat.

fc: Honestly the tone of the MC was so serious I was half expecting them to announce their graduation or something, though thankfully they didn't.

rop: Once you consider the lyrics of YELLOW, you understand that the song symbolises the hardships that the members of Le☆S☆Ca went through to reach their current state, and YELLOW refers to the sunlight that enveloped them throughout the days and gave them strength. By asking us to accept their yellow light, they wanted to give us the same strength that allowed them to blossom into their current form. Emoi.

rop: But the actual song performance itself was very energetic and upbeat, and the performers went on trucks to tour the arena.

fc: The trucks felt particularly fast for this song, whisking them around the arena and coming back just in time for the part of the dance where it looks like they're playing hopscotch at the beginning of the bridge.


rop: The switch from Le☆S☆Ca to NI+CORA was basically like jumping head-first into cold water; we went from a warm and upbeat song into a high-paced cool song.

rop: Those of us who had seen this song performed before would only have seen it performed on a round stage at Budokan, but seeing it performed on a regular stage was quite different. A lot of the dance had to be reworked to fit the new stage, as previously the performers would start on either side of the stage and cross over at certain points, but obviously you can't do that with a regular stage.

fc: I can't wait for the BD for Memorial because I remember the dance for this song then was spectacular, utilizing the fact that the audience was on all sides to great effect.

rop: It also reminded me that because NI+CORA is a pair unit, some of their furis end up being mirror moves (i.e. one person does it with their left hand, the other does it with the right). This is harder to notice when they're not standing next to each other (like at Budokan) but here it was easy to notice Saorin switching hands with her mic.


rop: After the song, NI+CORA mentioned that this was their first MC as the two of them since 1st Live, which this MC also mirrored. Saorin said that the stage was a bit big for just the two of them, so they should spread out a bit, which they also did at 1st Live.

rop: Saorin did her usual darling call (including the onna no ko darling part), and then Tendouji Musubi (Takada Yuuki) expressed her grievances that she didn't have a call and response sequence to do like Susu (Saorin) did, to which Susu replied "But Musubi, you do! Your favourite food!" which prompted a lot of laughs from the audience. Musubi embarrassedly then said that this would be fes-exclusive, and then told us to shout "pan" after she shouts "yakisoba".

Yakisoba! Paaaaan!

fc: What did we do to deserve embarassed Musubi... 🙏🙏

rop: They talked about their new outfits, which unlike previous years, were quite similar this time. Previously, they would have contrasting colours (i.e. one black and the other white), but this time they were both primarily purple as you can see above.

fc: These outfits confused me a bit, since they looked very similar from a distance (the purple parts stood out more than the black/white parts).

rop: At the end of the MC, Saorin mentioned the fact that she wouldn't be at the concert tomorrow (due to a scheduling conflict), and Yukki said that she and Sumire would work extra hard tomorrow. Saorin then lead us into the next song, saying "now that we've checkmated our opponent, it's time for..."

17. You Can't Win/NI+CORA

rop: This is almost like a staple of a T7S live now. Such a high-paced and exciting song, filled with small appeals from the performers that are so quick that you'll miss them if you blink. Also, BQN!!

18. さよならレイニーレイディ/SiSH

rop: The three members of SiSH appeared from the top of the stage, and started singing.

rop: As always, SiSH has very dance-intensive songs which are always a treat for the eyes, and a challenge if you try to furi-copy, which I do. It was a refreshing change after two intensely cool songs from NI+CORA.

fc: I was honestly getting pretty tired at this point (and worryingly, running out of water), but I couldn't not furi-copy SiSH.


rop: After the song, the three members introduced themselves, and then commented on their outfit, particularly how usually their outfits use pastel colours but this time, they use bold colours. They also got us to call them cute multiple times.

rop: They also reminisced about 3rd Live, noting that they hadn't sung while walking down stairs since 3rd. They also mentioned that they did a model walk at 3rd because there was a runway.

19. プレシャス・セトラ/SiSH

rop: For this song, the three of them got onto a truck and went around the arena. I think it's the only SiSH song that actually has some part of audience participation which is fun at concerts like this.

fc: This song is great because the clapping is so fun, and unlike Memorial it seemed like most people clapped this time.

20. Clash!!!/The QUEEN of PURPLE

fc: After SiSH left the stage, a number of staff members came up to set up instruments and mic stands under the cover of darkness, narrowing down the options to either QOP or 4U. It ended up being the former, and they started with Clash!!!

rop: This song was first revealed as a surprise at Memorial Live. Overall it's less intense compared to their other two songs, but is still quite a fun song, and it really shows off their breadth.

fc: I felt that at Memorial I wasn't able to enjoy this song as much as I wanted to because it was everybody's first time hearing it, but this time I was ready (For one, I didn't need to be prompted to headbang this time).

rop: One of the first things I actually noticed was that the drum kit they were using did not have the QoP logo that they had in previous concerts.

QoP at 3rd Live. Note the QoP logo on the bass drum.

21. Fire and Rose/The QUEEN of PURPLE

rop: This is where the crowd absolutely went wild as the stage lit up with flames fitting for the song.


rop: The performers stopped to introduce themselves, and talked about their new outfits, which all had elements of a kimono worked into it. They joked about how QoP is always bad at MCs, a contrast to their powerful singing.

fc: They really went full steampunk this time, with all the outfits having steampunk-esque goggles as well.

rop: Hirose Yuuki (Seto Ferb) spent a while addressing the manager, but she accidentally called the unit AoP (A応P), which is an unrelated idol unit that she is also part of. This prompted very concerned reactions from her fellow performers, and caused Nomura Maiko (Echizen Murasaki) to rush towards her and grab her.

fc: It just so happened that Hirose's outfit also had a decent amount of orange on it, which is her color in AoP.


rop: And with that, QoP was unfortunately out of songs. TRIGGER, like Fire and Rose, is a very intense song, and the crowd went wild again.

fc: During one of the verses, Murasaki went up to Ferb and they sung off the same mic stand with their faces literally centimeters away from each other, and then back to back.

23. Crazy Girl's Beat/4U

rop: Now it made sense why the drum kit didn't have the QoP logo. At 3rd Live, QoP and 4U used different drum kits (4U used an electronic one), so I wasn't expecting them to use the same one this time, but it was a pleasant surprise.

rop: The members of the band appeared one by one on lifts, starting with Kujou Ume (Yamashita Mami) on the left, then Wanibuchi Emoko (Yoshioka Mayu) on the right, and finally Saeki Hina (Naganawa Maria) in the middle. The former two were had heart-shaped sunglasses on and were striking 4 and U poses, respectively, but Hina alone was standing there eating popcorn.

fc: After some prompts from Ume, Hina finally realised and slowly put down her popcorn, put on her sunglasses and then struck a heart pose, and together they made 4♡U.

rop: Crazy Girl's Beat is a very fun song by itself, but I was hoping that Mamimi would do something silly at the bridge when they sing "Crazy Lingerie yo!", because she previously had mentioned that she wanted to swing some lingerie around for the 4U solo live, but she wasn't allowed to then.


rop: Given the proximity of the concert to Halloween, I was expecting them to do this song, and I was glad they didn't betray. TREAT OR TREAT? is easy their most hype song, and the crowd is simply overwhelming. I always feel that seeing it on Blu-ray and experiencing it in person is completely different.

25. ROCKな☆アタシ/4U

rop: This song was a bit of a surprise, as it is technically Ume's solo song on the 4U mini album. It's a relatively calm song compared to the other ones they performed before it, so it was a nice change of pace.


rop: As usual, 4U's MC was basically like a comedy show. The dynamic between the characters, especially Ume and Emoko, is hilarious, and the way Hina just ignores them and goes about doing things is also very amusing.

rop: After their skit, they talked about their appearance, their outfits, and how the number of props they have to use just keeps increasing, like the number of crocodiles on Emoko's outfit. Upon mentioning that, Mayuc suddenly got really excited, and asked Mamimi if she could introduce the crocodiles. Having gained permission, she introduced the one on the guitar has been with her for a while, is Wanizou (ワニ蔵), the one on her skirt is Wanio (ワニ尾), and the one on her blazer is Wanimi (ワニ美).

fc: The #deeplore thickens.

26. メロディーフラッグ/4U

rop: Melody Flag is another lower energy song, but still a very fun song. The "1, 2, 3" parts of the song are very fun to shout together. Around the bridge, the lyrics to the song appeared on the screen and Mamimi got us to join in singing.

fc: Though because the lyrics appeared at the bottom of the screen, they were actually a bit hard to read as they were obscured from the arena.

rop: As I was unable to attend the 4U solo lives, this was my first time hearing a lot of the mini-album songs live, and I was very grateful that they performed some of them instead of sticking to their old songs (though I kind of wanted to hear their old songs too).

27. Lucky☆Lucky/4U

fc: To end they sung Lucky☆Lucky, which is the same song they ended with at 3rd (though without the extra long outro this time).

rop: The trucks appeared again, and Mamimi and Mayuc just headed off towards them. Marianne just got up from her seat at the drum kit and walked out to the front, and was given a marching snare drum by the staff.

fc: I burst out laughing at the snare drum, it was just too funny.

rop: Also, at one point while they were going around, Mamimi tried to eat Wanizou, which prompted Mayuc to act defensive towards her.


rop: A ripple of confusion went through the crowd when 777☆SISTERS appeared on the screen again, because we were still yet to see two of the sub-units, and there were suspicions that part of the setlist had been pre-empted because of the delayed start.

rop: But when KILL☆ER☆TUNE☆R started playing, it seemed that concern was blown off everyone's mind. Party like it's 2034.

rop: Unlike every previous concert before, they didn't do anything special for the どうやって、どうやって (douyatte, douyatte) part of the bridge this year.

29. H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!!/777☆SISTERS

rop: They didn't sing this song at Memorial, so I was happy to hear this. It's a very fun song to cheer along to and to copy the dance to.

fc: I couldn't help but notice Damina's face during her solo part before the last chorus, she looked so happy.


rop: This song is basically a staple now, and it never fails to work up the crowd. This time, they got onto trucks again and went around the arena, once again stopping near the back. That was where they passed the "baton" around. By the second half of the song, they were back on the main stage.

fc: Can't believe they cheated and went on trucks instead of running this time, tsk tsk.

rop: After the song, everyone left the stage.

Announcement Video

rop: After a very very short Motegi call, a video began playing with some special announcements. Those of you who keep up with T7S news will probably already know the announcements, but just in case, I'm going to recap them. Feel free to skip ahead.

rop: The first announcement was that Ci+LUS was getting their second single in March 2019, so that should be another two songs for them.

rop: The second announcement was that The QUEEN of PURPLE would be getting more songs in the form of a mini-album. If it's like 4U, there should be 6 or so new songs in this, possibly more because QoP has four members rather than three.

rop: The final announcement was that The QUEEN of PURPLE would be having their first solo concert in June 2019, at Zepp Tokyo (9th) and Toyosu Pit (14th), two well known livehouses in Tokyo. This announcement wasn't very surprising after they announced the mini-album, because that's the exact same formula they used with 4U, the other band unit in Tokyo 7th Sisters.

fc: It'll be interesting to see how QOP's solo concert will turn out, I'm pretty excited. And obviously more QOP songs are always welcome (Motegi really loves his rock bands though huh).

rop: Once the video ended, the entire cast filed into the stage, making use of all the steps. After a short MC, the final song started.

31. スタートライン/ALL CAST

rop: It never really occurred to me before this live, but Start Line is actually surprisingly fitting as a closing song. The song itself is quite calm but not slow, and the lyrics also directly contrast with the theme of MELODY IN THE POCKET, which has the girls above the clouds, whereas Start Line says things like "I've always been looking up at the sky, just counting the clouds that I could never reach", "I can't fly right now, but I still want to go", and "I can't fly right now, my pockets are full".

rop: After the final song, everyone left the stage once again, leaving Shinoda Minami (Kasukabe Haru) and Minase Inori (Nanasaki Nicole) standing in the centre of the stage. They embraced, thanked the audience with their mics off, then exited stage right.

rop: Then the usual live footage of the performers exiting the stage began to play.

fc: The exiting camera at the end is always a great touch. Also, as people started walking out, some people noticed Motegi sitting near the arena exit and chanted his name like they (apparently) did at 4U Osaka.

Day 2

rop: Day 2 began without event, which was good. This time, I was seated near the back of the arena, quite close to the left side.

fc: I was seated around the same area as well. Because the arena is pretty large and all flat, I was afraid that wouldn't be able to see the main stage very well, but it was actually better than I expected.

rop: A good number of the songs performed were the same, so don't be surprised if some songs don't have any comments.

rop: The opening announcements were once again by Rui, but this time, the end was slightly different. She specifically said that while Seventh Sisters won't be appearing today, all members of 777 (Nanastar) are technically their kouhais, which caused the crowd to shout out in surprise and expectation.



3. Snow in "I love you"/777☆SISTERS

fc: They switched it up for Day 2 and did Snow in "I love you" instead of Cocoro Magical, which I wasn't expecting because it's technically off-season. That being said it's still one of my favorites so it was a pleasant surprise.

rop: Agreed, I like it a lot too. And as with Cocoro Magical the day before, they came out to the back of the arena on trucks and then stayed there for the MC.


rop: Like the first day, they began introducing themselves while they were still at the back. Some moments that particularly stuck out for me included Rona's introduction, where she shouted テメーら (temeera) at us, channelling her love for Nanasaki Nicole who was not performing today.

rop: When it was Izawa Shiori (Serizawa Momoka)'s turn, she asked everyone on the 2nd Floor to sit down as people behind them were unable to see the trucks. This was very considerate, and I wish they did it on Day 1 too.

fc: Also, during Musubi's self-introduction, she once again had the audience do the yakisoba pan call and response like during Ni+CORA's MC at Day 1.


rop: Rui's comment now made sense.

fc: It took me a second to register the fact that QOP wasn't singing one of their own songs but actually a cover... I guess 4U was the first to do a cover song but this one actually makes sense from a story perspective as well, which made it all the better.

rop: More explanation on that point below.

5. Clash!!!/The QUEEN of PURPLE


rop: It was at this point that Hirose Yuuki provided some explanation as to why QoP covered PUNCH'D RANKER earlier. It turns out, PUNCH'D RANKER was one of Seventh Sisters' indie songs, and her character, Seto Ferb, was actually heavily inspired by them during this period, which eventually led her to form QoP as a rock band, making this cover performance was a homage to her original influence.

fc: Read the novel for more #deeplore today! 👍

6. Fire and Rose/The QUEEN of PURPLE

7. Winning Day/KARAKURI

fc: After QOP was KARAKURI, a Day 2 exclusive and her first T7S live appearance since 2nd Live over two years ago. As then, she came up flanked on both sides by two back dancers, who added some flair as she started singing Winning Day, a song that has gone too long without being sung live.

rop: Back at 2nd Live, there were suspicions that Akina was lip-syncing the songs. Nothing was ever confirmed, but based on her MC then, it did seem like her voice was not at peak condition. But this time around, I think there was no doubt that she was actually singing it.


fc: Winning Day quickly transitioned into AMATERRAS, her newest song. As she did at 2nd Live, she added her own vocal ad-libbing, adding her own spice to the song.

rop: AMATERRAS is such a cool song, and it was hype in a different way from all the other songs. It is more intense than other KARAKURI songs, and Akina was basically like a machine gun during the chorus.


fc: Akina's MC was as clumsy as always, which is honestly part of the appeal.

rop: The gap between her singing and her talk is quite cute.


rop: For this song, Akina got on a truck and zoomed around the arena for a while before returning to the stage. It was quite a treat to see some of the dance moves for the song up close.

fc: Because there wasn't a live band at 2nd, this was the first time we got to hear the band arrangements of both B.A.A.B. and -Zero, which sounded great as always even though the originals are so electronic. Once again I have to tip by hat to the band staff.

10. -Zero/KARAKURI

rop: I honestly wasn't expecting Akina to sing all four of her songs, but I'm glad she did. It had been one and a half years since she last sang -Zero and it was always a favourite of mine. The dance is also surprisingly cute, especially the pre-chorus bit where she does a cat pose.

11. アイコトバ/Ci+LUS


rop: I don't know if it was just my imagination or not, but it seems the Day 2 crowd reacted a lot more to Ci+LUS, as they gave them much longer cheers throughout their MC. It was particularly noticeable because during Erii's introduction, when she said onii-chan, which prompted a very long cheer, and during that time Erii was constantly fidgeting because she wanted to continue on and say onee-chan but the crowd wasn't letting her. That was very adorable. They were both adorable.

12. シトラスは片想い/Ci+LUS

13. SHAKE!!~フリフリしちゃえ~/はる☆じか(ちいさな)

fc: After the video announced that Haru☆Jika (Chiisana) would coming up next, the crowd expectantly looked to the main stage for their appearance, but they actually came up from the rear stage, which was much closer to where we were sitting! Unfortunately they didn't stay for long though, as they quickly boarded trucks and headed to the main stage.

rop: This was the only time over the two days where they actually used the rear stage as a... you know... stage... It honestly felt like such a waste, but I'll take what I can get!


fc: This MC was so cute, with Haru and Kajika spending a good 30 seconds repeatedly called each other cute.

rop: When they were introducing themselves, there was a little accident where Damina went and said the full name of the unit, whereas Maika didn't. Afterwards, Maika laughed and said "I assumed we were going to get everyone to say that part", after which they did make us all shout the (Chiisana) part of their name.

fc: They then showed off to everybody their new outfits, complete with oversized ribbons in the back (see I told you) and hearts hanging off the skirt.

14. ハネ☆る!/はる☆じか(ちいさな)

fc: One fun part of this dance is the jumps they do throughout, along with the shaking shoulder thing they do at the end.

rop: The dance is so energetic and fun, and I love furi-copying it, especially the chorus. I thought it was very possible that they would only do one song, as SU♡SUTA (Cute na) only did one song, but I was so relieved when they didn't just up and leave.


fc: Next up was CASQUETTE'S, their debut live performance. They came out in almost the exact same outfits as the SHOW TIME single cover, complete with pink canes, which played a key part in their dances.

rop: I actually hadn't done my homework properly, and forgot to buy their single, so it was all unknown for me. But despite that, CASQUETTE'S made a big impression.


fc: Even though they were a new unit and this was their first live, their MC showed how friendly they were to each other already, basically chatting the whole time about fooling around backstage.

rop: Taichi You (Ootori Chacha) also showed off her hair, which she dyed purple to be closer to Chaha.

This reminded me of how Maeda Rena (Misonoo Mana) dyed her hair reddish pink for 2nd Live.

16. マスカレード・ナイト/CASQUETTE'S

rop: If SHOW TIME was day, then Masquerade Night would be ni— oh it has it in the title already. But lame jokes aside, they certainly felt like a polar opposites, which allowed the performers to showcase different sides of themselves over the two songs. The dance for Masquerade Night was a lot more suggestive, with lots of hip movements and cane swinging.

17. ひまわりのストーリー/Le☆S☆Ca

18. タンポポ/Le☆S☆Ca

Kimi dayoooooooo


rop: The MC for Day 2 was pretty much the same as Day 1, but there was a bit of behind-the-scenes talk which was new. This year, Le☆S☆Ca appeared from 3 different elevators across the front of the stage, and Akanen mentioned that they've actually always appeared from the same entrance before. Because of this, they apparently felt a bit lonely when standing by below the stage. In particular, Ayamin (who was in the centre) kept looking at the other two while maintaining their opening pose, which required their right hand to be up near their face. This talk made Ayamin flustered, which was quite adorable.

rop: At the end of the MC, as with the day before, Akanen proceeded to tell us that the next song was a slow song, and that's when I started to become religious.

19. Behind Moon/Le☆S☆Ca

rop: My prayers were answered, and I was religious no longer.

fc: What a good song. Dark Le☆S☆Ca is truly the best.

rop: Their outfit for this concert didn't really fit with the song as it was quite different from outfits they had at previous lives. But dang, Behind Moon is such a yabai song.

20. YELLOW/Le☆S☆Ca

21. 14歳のサマーソーダ/サンボンリボン

rop: For some reason, this song is a void in my head. I have absolutely no memory of this song, which is kind of frustrating because it's such a nice song. YELLOW must've just hit me that hard on Day 2 that I didn't recover in time or something...


rop: I feel like Sanbon Ribbon is the unit that channels their characters the most. Their MCs are always so free spirited, and Nakamura Sakura (Harumi Sawara) really drags everyone along with her spontaneousness. When they decided to spin around to show off their outfits, they joined hands and span in a ring which was pretty funny.

22. セカイのヒミツ/サンボンリボン

fc: Part of me was hoping for Clover×Clover but with only two songs, it had to be these two, as they best represent of Sanbon as a unit.

rop: I would've liked to see that again, but I definitely wanted to see this song too. The dance for Sekai no Himitsu is really captivating, and I love how cute parts of it are, especially the chorus.


rop: I had secretly been hoping to hear SAKURA another time, as they hadn't performed it since 3rd Live, but I was not optimistic about it as no other sub-unit had performed their 1st Album song. It was so satisfying seeing the entire audience turn pink for this song.

fc: After Snow in I suppose I should have been expecting another off season song but I was still surprised at SAKURA, and it seemed that many others in the crowd were too. It is one of the best and most popular T7S songs though, so I suppose it makes sense to sing it at a festival.


rop: Kakuma Ai (Tsunomori Rona) mentioned that Susu isn't here today, so instead, they will do the darling call. She misremembered the onna no ko darling part and ended up getting all the performers to shout onna darling which was funny.

fc: Reading my Twitter timeline after the live, some people commented that honey would make more sense instead of onna (no ko) darling but I'm not that picky lol.

24. 星屑☆シーカー/WITCH NUMBER 4

fc: SAKURA is good, but this song is also great, from Haru's "Iku yo!" at the beginning, to the cute dance, to the countup/downs, to the "rap" part. They sung this one from the trucks though, so the dance wasn't featured as much.

25. Crazy Girl's Beat/4U

fc: 4U's entrance was the same skit as yesterday, except this time Hina was eating a donut instead of popcorn.



29. パフェ・デ・ラブソング/4U

fc: Day 2 featured a different 4U character song, this time Hina's. While Hina is the main character for this song, Ume's and Emoko's dance is pretty funny (see the 4U Live BD to see what I mean). Also, because she came out with a donut instead of popcorn, she changed the lyrics to giving a donut instead of popcorn accordingly.

28. プレゼント・フォー・ユー/4U

rop: After Ume and Hina's character songs, I was expecting to get some Aozora Emotion but alas, it was not to be. But Present For You is very good too. It's a really touching song if you look at the lyrics, and it was made even more touching when they got the fourth member(s) to sing final chorus while they held out their mics for them.

29. Lucky☆Lucky/4U


31. 僕らは青空になる/777☆SISTERS

rop: Like FUNBARE☆RUNNER, this song is practically a staple for T7S, and I was actually quite surprised they didn't do it on Day 1. So much so that I had actually assumed they did it. I remember thinking to myself after the concert that I didn't remember hearing as many tigers on Day 1, but of course I didn't hear any because they didn't do the song!


Announcement Video

rop: As with Day 1, I'm going to recap the announcements here. You know the drill.

rop: There were also 3 announcements on this day. The first announcement was that the T7S (game) story would finally advance to EPISODE 4.0 in February 2019, and that more details would follow soon.

rop: The second announcement was that Le☆S☆Ca was finally getting a new single in April 2019, so we can probably look forward to two new songs. This might've been the announcement I was happiest about. Le☆S☆Ca is just so good.

rop: The final announcement was that a new unit would be debuting, and more information would be revealed in early 2019. From the silhouette they showed, it looked to be a 7-person unit. I was unable to figure out most of the characters because it was only up for a short while, but I was able to recognise Xiao Fei Hung's unique hair style there, so she will probably be in the unit.

fc: 7 people honestly seems like a bit much, especially because all the characters are so different. I'm very curious what they're going to do with the new unit (also they didn't release the silhouettes on Twitter dang it).

rop: It's perhaps worth noting now that there are actually only 13 characters left in T7S that haven't debuted yet, so 7 is launching more than half of them out in one go. An interesting strategy.

rop: It was also a little disappointing that they didn't announce a 5th anniversary concert, which I think a lot of us were expecting, but given the schedule that they've set out for themselves, it sounds like the first half of next year will be very busy anyway.

fc: With all the releases and QOP's lives in the first half of next year, I wouldn't expect 5th Live to be before September or October at the eaarliest.

33. スタートライン/ALL CAST

rop: After the song, as Minase Inori was not present today, Takada Yuuki (Tendouji Musubi) remained behind with Shinoda Minami (Kasukabe Haru). Damina faced Yukki and opened her arms wide, while Yukki hesitated slightly before embracing her. The two then exited stage right, as the usual backstage exit video began playing.

fc: Damina hugging Yukki was the opposite of Memorial, when Yukki hugged Damina. HaruMusu is real🙏🙏. Also, as with Day 1, there was another Motegi chant as people exited the arena. I wonder if this is going to become a thing...


Thanks for reading all of this. It's been 777 days since I last published a live report on this blog. fc and myself actually half-wrote a report for 3rd Live that ended up never getting published because it took us so long to write that it became untimely. Hopefully this can still be considered timely.

Below, you'll find the full setlist for both days in one convenient table, and some links to further reading should you wish to read other reports about the concert.

There is a delayed viewing for the two days of the concerts coming up later this month. If you're in Japan during those times, I highly recommend giving them a watch if you can get your hands on tickets. I myself hope to be attending as well, and might update the article with new details.

Set List

Day 1Day 2
M3Cocoro Magical/777☆SISTERSSnow in "I love you"/777☆SISTERS
M5WORLD'S END/セブンスシスターズClash!!!/The QUEEN of PURPLE
-MC/セブンスシスターズMC/The QUEEN of PURPLE
M6Star☆Glitter/セブンスシスターズFire and Rose/The QUEEN of PURPLE
M7Sparkle☆Time!!/セブンスシスターズWinning Day/KARAKURI
M10シトラスは片想い/Ci+LUS-Zero /KARAKURI
M17You Can't Win/NI+CORAひまわりのストーリー/Le☆S☆Ca
M19プレシャス・セトラ/SiSHBehind Moon/Le☆S☆Ca
M21Fire and Rose/The QUEEN of PURPLE14歳のサマーソーダ/サンボンリボン
-MC/The QUEEN of PURPLEMC/サンボンリボン
M22TRIGGER/The QUEEN of PURPLEセカイのヒミツ/サンボンリボン
M23Crazy Girl's Beat/4USAKURA/WITCH NUMBER 4
M25ROCKな☆アタシ/4UCrazy Girl's Beat/4U
M26メロディーフラッグ/4UTREAT OR TREAT?/4U
- MC/4U
M31スタートライン/ALL CAST僕らは青空になる/777☆SISTERS
- 新情報発表
M33 スタートライン/ALL CAST

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