Tokyo 7th Sisters 2nd Live Report

Tokyo 7th Sisters 2nd Live Report

Tokyo 7th シスターズ 2nd Live 16'→30'→34' -INTO THE 2ND GEAR- took place on August 21st at Pacifico Yokohama. fc and myself were in attendance this time as well, and we were joined by quite a few other foreign shihainins this year. If you're unfamiliar with Tokyo 7th Sisters, you should check out the our 1st Live series (1, 2, 3).

Without further ado, here's what went down that day in Yokohama.


Thankfully, unlike last year, Donuts did online presales for all the live goods they were selling... except the pamphlet. Fortunately, there were separate pamphlet-only registers on the day to accommodate people who only needed to buy pamphlets. So even though we arrived over an hour after buppan started this year, most of us finished almost instantly. However, perhaps due to the fact that they did online presales (and postsales), it didn't seem like they prepared much stock, as most things sold out within two hours of buppan starting. As such, we ended up having a lot of time to kill before the doors opened.


As with last year, the lobby of the live venue was decorated with flowerstands from both fans and related companies. This year, we sent one too!

As you can see, the Haru panel got blocked by the neighbouring stand... Thanks to Raide for the art, and Shino for the placard design, and of course, all our donors! We have another post describing exactly what went down as well, so check it out here.

To be honest, while it was really satisfying to see our stand there, we were blown away by both the quality and quantity of the other stands there. There was at least one fan flowerstand for each of the 25 performers, as well as one for General Director Motegi, in addition to the various company stands. Here are a few of them:


As with all other concerts in Japan, photos and videos are strictly prohibited. This year, our photos were snitched from Animate Times.

Introduction and video

fc: As the starting time approached, the voice of Misonoo Mana (C.V. Maeda Rena) appeared on the venue PA system to give the typical pre-live announcements: don't use your phones during the live, etc. (In character, of course. She even threw in a Shizuka-esque pun.)

Southrop: She mentioned that the other performers were also going to say something, but then noticed that everyone else had already left the room and were on standby for the show, which triggered a laugh from the crowd.

fc: After that, the lights dimmed and an intro movie started playing. This intro movie was similar to the intro movie to 1st Live with the stopwatch counting up from the current date, but instead of going all the way to 2034, it stopped at 2030...

1. SEVENTH HAVEN/セブンスシスターズ


Southrop: Before the live, a few of us discussed whether they would open with this song. I felt that they wouldn't do that; they would save the most hype song for the climax. But then they fucking did it. They opened with SEVENTH HAVEN. Whip them UOs out right away!

During the afternoon session I was on the first floor, so I had a decent view of the stage and the performers. And oh boy the SEVENTH HAVEN outfits. I'm usually a sucker for coordinated outfits with individual variations, but these outfits were too good.

fc: They even lit some small fireworks which went off right as the song opened, starting off with a bang figuratively and literally (and also making the venue smell like smoke for the next two songs). Finally being able to hear these songs live, being able to do the "Ahh (Ahh)" calls in a concert was overwhelming. And those SEVENTH HAVEN outfits...

2. FALLING DOWN/セブンスシスターズ

Southrop: After going nuts for SEVENTH HAVEN, FALLING DOWN was a good follower to give us a bit of room to breathe again. As this song was one of the calmer songs, it gave me a good chance to watch the cast and their interactions.

As a lot of the verses are sung one person at a time, it really shows off each of the cast's unique voices. In particular, I felt that Kawasaki Meiko (Wakaouji Rui) stood out with her solo right after the opening verse. She also prompted a lot of cheers/squeals when she and Maeda Rena (Misonoo Mana) came together during the choruses and did a little spin.

fc: FALLING DOWN is actually one of my favorite T7S songs due to all the solo parts, you get to really see how each of the Seventh Sisters interacts with each other. Rui and Mana's dance was also really good.


fc: After finishing FALLING DOWN, Seventh Sisters left the stage, and they played a video introducing all of the characters.

Southrop: The video also continued the countup from 2030 to 2034...


Southrop: KILL☆ER☆TUNE☆R was actually one of the finishers last year, so I was a bit surprised it came on so soon. But after the MC later, it became obvious (and it really should've been) that this song is basically an introduction song for them. I wouldn't be surprised if they continue using this as the opening song in future lives.

fc: As always, this song is one of T7S's best hype songs live with all the fun calls.

4. Cocoro Magical/777☆SISTERS

fc: Following KILL☆ER☆TUNE☆R, another classic song from H-A-J-I-M-A-L-B-U-M-!!. Still great fun, even without the balloons.

Southrop: Haha man those balloons. I still don't know how they popped. Last year, the calls for these two songs were a bit of a mess because they were new. This year it sounded so coherent I almost shed a tear.


fc: At this point everybody took the time to introduce their characters and themselves. The introductions themselves were nothing out of the ordinary, though they were notably shorter than the ones from 1st Live. The ordering was also interesting, starting with Rona and Susu and ending with Haru.

Southrop: It was really cute of them to use the "We are 777☆SISTERS" line right out of KILL☆ER☆TUNE☆R, complete with pose, although a lot of them struggled to maintain the pose as it required them to stand on one leg. It was pretty clear they got some practice in before the night session though.

fc: Near the end, KARAKURI made their presence known and took over the stage.



Southrop: Akina's appearance this year was much earlier than expected. Funnily enough, Akina commented on it as she came on stage too. As with last year, Akina's outfit was a very cool outfit. But despite that, -Zero turned out to be a really cute performance. In the second verse of the song, the lyrics go:

窮鼠(きゅうそ)だったり (ねこ)だったり

And in time with the lyrics, Akina does a really cute cat gesture. It was so adorable I still can't forget about it. BD hayo.


fc: After -Zero, Akina took a moment to introduce KARAKURI and herself. During both shows, Akina had to take a second to get into character before starting her MC.

Southrop: It kinda looked like she had a cough or something but she certainly didn't seem that way during the songs. Perhaps she was just really nervous?


fc: She did this last time too, but I love the part at the end of B.A.A.B. where Akina holds the ending line for a bit.

Southrop: The furis for this song are really cute too. The

Keep in
Keep in mine

parts are really catchy and easy to do furicopy for too.

7. You Can't Win/NI+CORA

fc: Honestly, You Can't Win is too short, but it's so good. The dance seemed much more intense than previous NI+CORA songs. Sadly they didn't wear the awesome YCW suits, instead opting for something similar to last year's Omoi Approach outfit (but they did add the small black top hats from YCW!). Finally being able to get BQN'd by NI+CORA though... I think I can finally die in peace...

Southrop: The pace of You Can't Win keeps changing across the song, and whoever did the choreography for this song certainly portrayed that well in the dance. BQN...

8. ラバ×ラバ/WITCH NUMBER4

fc: Continuing the streak of new 2nd album songs was WITCH NUMBER4's ラバ×ラバ. The outfits were vaguely based off the card outfits, except without those lewd see-through dresses (obviously).

Southrop: Despite it being a relatively new song, the crowd was really in sync with this song, and had the lyrics all pat down.

Oh yes! Witch Magic!

9. セカイのヒミツ/サンボンリボン


fc: This song fits this unit so well (at least compared to their other two songs). And they wore matching outfits with the small hats!!! No instruments though (this isn't 4U okay).

Southrop: The dance was really cute for this. It felt like Kuwahara Yuuki (Harumi Shinju) was the centre of this song, so I ended up watching her a lot. But the way they did those sidesteps was adorable (none of you have any idea what I'm talking about lol).

10. さよならレイニーレイディ/SiSH

fc: People joke that SiSH is similar to Perfume, and I kind of saw where they were coming from here. The slower, in-sync, robotic-esque dancing really was kinda Perfume-like. Obviously the outfits were not the casual outfits from the card art, but were more similar to the Onegai My Boy ones except differentiated by character colors.

Southrop: Agreed. SiSH's performances is so in-sync and well rehearsed that I can't help but feel captivated by it. I'm glad their songs are slow and don't have calls because then I can focus on watching them!

MC — サンボンリボン & SiSH

fc: After introducing themselves and their units, the two units talked about their outfits for a bit, and both agreed to spin around to show off all sides of their outfits. During the afternoon showing, the members of SiSH spun around normally but SanBon ran in a circle together instead. At the night showing, SiSH prepared for this and tried to interfere with the circle and it just ended up being a mess.

After that, they handed things off to Le☆S☆Ca.

11. YELLOW/Le☆S☆Ca


Southrop: Aaaah, Le☆S☆Ca... Le☆S☆Ca was so adorable.

fc: Le☆S☆Ca is just too precious. YELLOW really is an anime OP.

MC — Le☆S☆Ca

fc: They did some normal self-introductions. Uebas did a "Uebas! Uebas! Uebas!" cheer, Honoka pulled out some Hakata-ben, and Rena tried to show the inside of her skirt.

Southrop: I honestly didn't do my homework on Le☆S☆Ca's cast, so I had no idea who was who. But after seeing them perform in person, I can happily say Le☆S☆Ca is good. Also, Ueda Hikaru (Nishizono Honoka) is dangerous.

12. Behind Moon/Le☆S☆Ca

fc: And Behind Moon is the anime ED. I really loved the lighting they used for this song, the darker atmosphere similar to the music video really fits the song.

Southrop: Behind Moon is a nice calm song, so I could really pay attention to the cast. It was really obvious how much effort they had put into their dance. I hope everyone gives Le☆S☆Ca the welcome they deserve.

First Unit Single Medley

fc: At this point, WITCH NUMBER4 came up on stage and announced that they were going to do a medley of the first unit singles. I'm a bit sad they didn't do full versions of these songs because they're all great songs, but they probably wouldn't have been able to fit everything in otherwise.


14. オ・モ・イ アプローチ/NI+CORA

fc: As always, the dance for this song is really good, Yukki and Saorin looked completely in sync.


16. たいくつりぼん/サンボンリボン

17. Clover×Clover/サンボンリボン

Southrop: Although the song announcement at the start of the medley specifically said "first unit single medley", most people assumed that this song (and presumably the following) were also part of the medley and would be game size versions. But when we got past the first chorus and began the second verse, it became obvious that it was the full version and the crowd erupted in cheers.

I remember when this song came up last year, it was only me and fc doing the ク、ク、クローバー calls. I was glad that we weren't the only ones this year.

fc: Ah, the clover calls are so fun. In addition to the calls, everybody also remembered to set their penlights this year, creating a sea of solid green throughout the crowd.

18. お(ねが)い☆My Boy/SiSH

fc: Once again, SiSH's dances were mesmerizing.

19. Girls Talk!!/NI+CORA

fc: This song is so much fun to watch, NI+CORA just look like they're having so much fun while singing it. And this year they actually got the hoodies to match the song!

Southrop: Oh man those hoodies. I want one!



fc: Can you believe it, SAKURA actually got added to the game since 1st Live!!! Why they took so long to add one of the most emotional songs to the game is really a mystery...

Southrop: SAKURA is such a good song. I'm glad most people remembered to switch their penlights to sakura pink (though I did see a few people who didn't).


fc: After SAKURA, NI+CORA came back on stage to join WNo4 to introduce themselves as a unit. NI+CORA even ended their introduction with another BQN pose!

Just as WNo4 finished their self-introduction, Haru sounded like she was about to introduce Haru☆Jika when Ume's voice interrupted her. She (in a very tsuntsun way) along with the rest of 4U thanked Haru for helping them last year, and challenged them to a performatch. Of course, Haru being Haru didn't accept it as a challenge and even tells them "Good luck!" as she left the stage with the others.

Southrop: Then get this. The stairs on the stage parted to reveal the members of 4U, complete with their instruments! Yamashita Mami (Kujou Ume) and Yoshioka Mayu (Wanibuchi Emoko) ran out, but obviously you can't run out with a drum kit, so some staff wheeled Naganawa Maria (Saeki Hina) and her drum kit out.

21. ワタシ・(あい)・4U!!/4U


Southrop: 4U is finally complete! For those who don't remember, due to a schedule clash, Yamashita Mami wasn't able to appear at 1st Live last year. Fortunately, she was able to appear this year, and that meant a lot to her. Before the live, she got so excited she went out and bought a mic stand to practice with. Except she didn't even have a mic!

fc: The first thing that hit me when 4U appeared was their outfits. They were TREAT OR TREAT?-esque, with each seiyuu wearing the headpiece from their respective character's costume on the album art, a camouflage faux shirt in their character's color, black skirt, and long socks. But the point of focus was the 4U tattoo each of them had on their chest/arm. Of course, each of them also had their respective instruments...not that they played them (but it seemed like they at least pretended a bit harder this year?)


Southrop: Holy crap. If I were to give an award to just one song in this entire live, it would be this song. TREAT OR TREAT? was a huge surprise for me. It's a great song, but I did not expect it to be so crazy live.

fc: Wow. Just wow. I thought SEVENTH HAVEN was good, but TREAT OR TREAT? basically won the live then and there. The energy coming from Mami and the rest of 4U, the calls, just everything.

You know how in the 2nd album, there are three versions of TREAT OR TREAT?, one for each character as main vocals? After singing the first verse, Ume actually called out to Emoko to sing the second part, and she took over main vocals:

Ume: "Emoko, you're next! Sing!"

Emoko: "I guess it can't be helped."

MC — 4U

fc: After TREAT OR TREAT?, 4U took the time to introduce themselves and their unit. In the daytime session, the three seiyuu talked a bit about how the three of them have gotten closer since preparations for the live started, while in the evening, they talked about their ambitions to one day host a 4U one-man live once they get a few more songs. Donuts, please make this happen.

Southrop: Yes yes yes please 4U solo live. I love Nanasuta and all but holy crap 4U is good. Maybe they'll learn to play their instruments and do an actual performance corner like what happened at the K-ON! live!

23. friend/4U

Southrop: As with last year, the cast introduced the song by talking about crepes (afternoon session) and episode.4U (evening session). Compared to the other two songs, it's definitely less crazy, but very emotional song.

fc: You know, last year I thought 4U feat. Haru was great, but I had no idea what we were missing out on not having Ume. You could tell how happy Mami was to finally be able to sing with the rest of 4U live, especially for this song that means so much to 4U. Also, the lighting was such that Mayushii with her sister's veil and the beams of light behind her made her look like an angel...

MC — はる☆ジカ(ちいさな)

fc: Continuing off where they left off before 4U interrupted them, Haru☆Jika (Chiisana) came up next to introduce their unit. The (Chiisana) is very important!!!


(Small)! It's important!

During the afternoon session, the half the crowd seemed to forget to say (Chiisana) (read: kakko chiisana), so the two of them reminded us that it was important. During the night session, most people remembered, so the two then praised us for remembering.

24. ハネ☆る!!/はる☆ジカ(ちいさな)

fc: To be quite frank, this song wasn't very high up on my ranking of T7S songs list... that was, until seeing it live. Like, Damina and Maika are cute on their own, but something changed about them when they started singing this song. They were so energetic, so bouncy, so happy...

Southrop: Like fc, Hane☆ru!! was quite unexpected for me. Just seeing how energetic and bouncy (dammit fc you took the words from my mouth) just captivated me.

25. Snow in "I love you"/777☆SISTERS

fc: After Hane☆ru!!, the rest of 777☆SISTERS came back on stage to sing Snow in "I love you". I love this song for its lyrics, and one of my favorite parts seeing it live was how they incorporated the lyrics into the dance. As an example, there's one line in the lyrics:

Before you turn your back on me

When they sung this line, they actually all turned their backs on the crowd, then looked over their shoulder.

Southrop: Yeah the dance was great.

あなたの背中(せなか) ()きよ
Your back I love it

Me to—

26. H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!!/777☆SISTERS


fc: Up next was the theme song of 1st Live so to speak, H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!!. The song's slow start made it a great transition from the slower Snow in "I love you".

Southrop: It was also a fitting transition. Snow in "I love you" is a winter song, and H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!!, being a song about beginnings, is basically a spring song. In any case, I really love the dance for this song. I don't know what to say about it, but I really do love it.

27. Sparkle☆Time!!/セブンスシスターズ


fc: After H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!! came Sparkle☆Time!!. This song never fails to get the crowd going. Curiously, this song also followed H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!! at 1st Live...

Southrop: I didn't do this during the 1st Live, but the furi for the chorus is actually quite easy so I ended up doing furicopy for that. But as always, Seventh Sisters is good.

MC — セブンスシスターズ

fc: Seventh Sisters didn't actually get the chance to introduce themselves after starting things off, so they took this chance to do so.

Southrop: When they do their introductions, it really hits you that the members of Seventh Sisters all have really strong personalities. It really is a team of legends. Inorin made a short callback to 1st Live where she called about the glitter of stars, the short moment where stars shine their brightest. But this time, instead of ending there, she said that Tokyo 7th Sisters will continue to shine.

fc: At the end, they segued into the announcement video, which announced the following:

  1. There will be a "t7s LIVE -INTO THE 2ND GEAR 2.5-" live on 2017/01/15 at Namba HATCH in Osaka.
  2. The next anniversary live, "t7s 3rd Anniversary LIVE(仮)", will be a two-day live held on 2017/04/22-23 at Makuhari Messe Event Hall.
  3. New unit The QUEEN of PURPLE's debut single will go on sale 2016/10/26.
  4. A t7s Animation Project entitled "t7s Longing for summer Again And Again(仮)". It will be an animated music video animated by Chiptune, with new character designs by MKS, and storyboards, script and direction by Director Motegi.
28. Star☆Glitter/セブンスシスターズ

fc: After the announcement video, Seventh Sisters came back on stage to sing the song that started it all, Star☆Glitter. I wonder if kz cried again after hearing it live for a second time...

Southrop: I know I did. It's a good song. Thank you kz. I actually told him thanks in person one time at MOGRA.


The baton connecting me and you

Southrop: BATON PASS!! When this part of the song came up, the entire cast formed one long line and passed an imaginary baton from the right all the way to the left. When they got to the final member, the crowd erupted into cheers.


fc: FUNBARE☆RUNNER is a really a super fun and energetic song. Besides the baton passing, the in-place running pose the made when they sung the "そうだRUNNER!走れ!" line was great as well.

Ending movie

fc: After FUNBARE☆RUNNER, the stage dimmed and a video started playing. The video depicted a blue sky, first in monochrome, but slowly gaining color, and played to the first track of 2nd Album's Blue Sky Disc, Intro~to be the Blue Sky...~. The video ended with a backdrop of a bright blue summer sky, and the words:

to be the Blue Sky... with you

The lights came back on to reveal the whole 25-person cast, now wearing the live t-shirt, with Haru and Nicole standing in the center of everybody. Them two, the two main characters of Tokyo 7th Sisters, announced that the next song would be the last: Bokura wa Aozora in Naru.

30. (ぼく)らは青空(あおぞら)になる/All Cast

All Cast

fc: As with 1st Live, they ended with an all cast song singing in the live t-shirts... To be honest, after watching the video I almost wished they ended with the full piano arrange of BokuAo, but I think that would've made me cry much more than I had. I was already so overwhelmed with emotion that I don't remember very much of the dance.

Southrop: I thought this song would be a high tension and exciting song. I never thought that this song could be used this way as a closer and that it would become such an emotional song. We totally became the blue sky that day...


2FALLING DOWNセブンスシスターズ
4Cocoro Magical777☆SISTERS
7You Can't WinNI+CORA
12Behind MoonLe☆S☆Ca
14オ・モ・イ アプローチNI+CORA
18お願い☆My BoySiSH
19Girls Talk!!NI+CORA
22TREAT OR TREAT?4U friend4U
25Snow in "I love you"777☆SISTERS
30僕らは青空になるAll Cast


fc: Obviously, this live ended up being very structured around 2nd Album, Are You Ready 7th-TYPES??, starting with Starry Sky Disc and ending with Blue Sky Disc. In retrospect, I think that while SEVENTH HAVEN was the theme of the live as a whole, the optimism of Bokura wa Aozora in Naru fits the theme of Tokyo 7th Sisters as a whole.

All in all, it was a jam-packed live: they ended up singing at least part of every T7S song except Haru's またあした. They barely left any time for the MCs, unlike 1st Live (when they clearly didn't have enough songs to fill the time).

Southrop: Which I felt was a bit of a shame. I really enjoy MCs because it gives us a chance to hear the cast talk. You get to see the interactions between them and I really enjoy this kind of thing. I feel that regardless of whether the topics or substantial or not, you learn a lot about the cast, and you usually get some great lines from them.

Fortunately for us though, like last year, they did show a live video of the cast as they went off stage. We certainly got some valuable gems from that. BQN...

But yeah they clearly didn't have enough time to do everything, further evidenced by the fact that they had to abbreviate some songs into a medley. Hopefully for 3rd Live, because it's spread over two days, they can do a longer live, do all the songs in full, and have plenty of MC time *hint hint*.

fc: As for the it ain't an anime. I think it's very like Motegi to take such small steps at a time, and it shows a lot of self-control on his part to not give into the hype. I think he wants to stick close to the musical roots of T7S, and a music video fits that well. For the other announcements, QoP is hype. Finally Nanasuta will have its own band to compete with 4U. How about instead of a 4U one-man live, a band battle between 4U and QoP...! Okay I'm just spouting nonsense at this point.

Southrop: That could be fun though. I'd be interested to find out if they have any other units lined up for us though. In the 15 or so months since 1st Live, only one unit, Le☆S☆Ca, made their debut. As fc mentioned, Motegi likes to take things in small steps, but I can't help but feel impatient to see some of the other characters get their chance to shine on stage.

fc: For the lives, a 3rd Live was to be expected I think but another Osaka live was a bit surprising. I'm very curious as to how similar it will be to 2nd, whether QoP will show up, etc... but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. FYI, here are the capacities of the various venues:

1stZepp TokyoStanding~2,700
2ndPacifico YokohamaSeated~5,000
2.5Namba HatchStanding~1,500
3rdMakuhari Messe Event HallSeated~9,000

Southrop: I recall reading a tweet from one of the Seventh Sisters cast that said something to the tune of "see you again in April", which perhaps raises the concern that Seventh Sisters won't be appearing in Osaka. Hopefully this won't be the case.

But in any case, thanks for reading all the way up to here! See you in Osaka!

Tweets from the Performers

Here are a select few tweets from some of the performers. There are simply too many to embed them all, so there's a link in the following section where you can find them all.

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