Tokyo 7th Sisters 1st Live Introduction

Tokyo 7th Sisters 1st Live Introduction

Tokyo 7th Sisters 1st Anniversary Live 15'→34'~H-A-J-I-M-A-L-I-V-E-!!~ took place on the 31st of May at Zepp TOKYO, and fallingcirno and myself were in attendance. This live marked a significant milestone for Tokyo 7th Sisters, which started from a single iOS smartphone game, and has since blossomed into a full franchise, spanning from CDs to manga, and now even a serialised light novel.

The franchise is still very much in the early stages, compared to other established idol franchises like THE [email protected] and LoveLive!, so I want to provide a brief introduction to it before going to the actual live report. I won't be going into too much detail about all the characters, so please please play the game if you're interested in Tokyo 7th Sisters!

Tokyo 7th Sisters is set in the year 2034, during a period that is called the "Ice Age of Idols". The player of the game, assumes the role of the manager (支配人 shihainin) at a once-famous idol agency called 777 (or Nanastar). The agency itself was in charge of a legendary idol group known as Seventh Sisters. But for some mysterious reason, the group disbanded, throwing the idol world into the current "ice age". In the game, it is your job, as the second manager of Nanastar, to recruit and train a new idol group.

Amongst the idols that you recruit as the manager of Nanastar, there are 12 core idols, and 26 other idols. Through your activities, you also encounter rival idol groups 4U and KARAKURI. The performers in this live consisted of the 12 core members of Nanastar collectively known as 777☆SISTERS (read: three seven sisters), the 6 members of Seventh Sisters, 2 of the 3 members of 4U, and the twins of KARAKURI (who are voiced by the same person), for a total of 21 performers.

What follows next is a brief introduction to the performers. I'm not going to pretend I know everything about them, so if I've missed something significant, please do let me know.


Shinoda Minami (篠田みなみ)

Shinoda Minami

Shinoda Minami voices the first idol you encounter and recruit in the game, Kasukabe Haru (春日部ハル). Haru is a very energetic and cheerful girl who loves singing and dancing. She actually debuted before as an idol, but didn't succeed, leading her to become depressed. And then that's when you find her.

Haru's image colour is light pink, and she is part of the sub-unit WITCH NUMBER 4.

Like Haru, Shinoda is quite cheerful and energetic, which comes across clearly on Twitter and during her MCs. However, Haru is also a bit air-headed, but it remains to be seen whether this is a shared trait. She hasn't had that many roles so far; Tokyo 7th Sisters was her debut role, and she has gone on to land roles in other games and background charas in a few anime. Shinoda enjoys dancing, especially jazz dance, and is able to speak Korean!

You can follow Shinoda Minami on Twitter here.

Takada Yuuki (高田憂希)

Takada Yuuki

Takada Yuuki voices the second idol you encounter, the cool and reliable Tendouji Musubi (天堂寺ムスビ). Musubi is the student council president at her all-girls academy, and combines an elegant appearance with outstanding grades, making her the envy of all the students around her. However, she actually gets embarrassed and flustered very easily, although she doesn't show this side to anyone.

Musubi's image colour is light blue, and she is part of the sub-unit NI+CORA.

Like Shinoda, she's relatively new to the industry, and doesn't have that many roles, and T7S was her first major role. However, she quite recently got a second major role as Kurosawa Rin in Aikatsu!. It seems she has a penchant for the cool and easily excited/flustered characters, as both Musubi and Kurorin share this trait. Perhaps this is a reflection of her own easily excitable character? Takada enjoys singing and collecting shoes.

You can follow Takada Yuuki on Twitter here.

Kakuma Ai (加隈亜衣)

Kakuma Ai

Kakuma Ai, nicknamed Kuma-chan (くまちゃん) voices the timid Tsunomori Rona (角森ロナ). Rona is portrayed as a very shy and timid character, easily reduced to tears and regularly calling for help. Kuma-chan manages to do express this in a very adorable manner, adding some nice speech quirks (e.g. using -shan instead of -san).

Rona's image colour is yellow, and she is also a part of the sub-unit WITCH NUMBER 4.

Kuma-chan has a longer career history compared to the previous two, having landed supporting roles in a lot of shows dating as far as 2012. Her more recent exploits include Terminus Est in Seikentsukai no Bladedance, Mikakage in Log Horizon, Nina Klein in Aldnoah.Zero, Sento Isuzu in Amagi Brilliant Park, amongst others. She enjoys typing, swimming, table tennis and capturing kappas apparently!

You can follow Kuma-chan on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Nakajima Yui (中島唯)

Nakajima Yui

Nakajima Yui, affectionately called Yuinyan (ゆいにゃん), voices Nonohara Hime (野ノ原ヒメ), the daughter of the owner of a tofu shop. Her mother passed away when she was still a kid, so she grew up to be capable and independent. Although Her hair and eye colour are natural (inherited from her mother), they made look like a delinquent. Her nickname is Nonohime.

Hime's image colour is orange, and she is also part of the sub-unit WITCH NUMBER 4.

Yuinyan's debut role was actually in Aiura, which I trust a lot of you are familiar with. She voiced the obnoxious Amaya Kanaka. Aside from that, she hasn't had any major roles. However, she is one of the 3 hosts of a radio in Osaka, where she is from, called Meccha Sukiyanen (めっちゃすきやねん), which airs every Friday from 23:00 to 23:30 JST. Yuinyan enjoys playing dodge-ball and practising kendo.

Yuinyan doesn't have her own Twitter account, but she regularly tweets using her radio Twitter, which you can find here. You can also view her Wikipedia page here.

Izawa Shiori (井澤詩織)

Izawa Shiori

Izawa Shiori, nicknamed Shii-chan, voices Serizawa Momoka (芹沢モモカ), a lazy and selfish girl with a sweet tooth. Momoka usually has no motivation to do anything (reminds me of a certain idol in Cinderella Girls), but can be very motivated when offered lollipops (she likes a particular brand called Chubucks), or if it's about anime.

Momoka's image colour is emerald green, and she is the final member of the sub-unit WITCH NUMBER 4.

Shii-chan has been in voice acting for a number of years now, but hadn't had a major role until Gin no Saji where she played Yoshino Mayumi. She was also Kuraishi Tanpopo in Witch Craft Works, Mega Drive in Sega Hard Girls, and more recently played Kunogi Ai in SHIROBAKO. Shii-chan likes cameras, blogging, massages and also drawing. She's good at it too!

You can follow Shii-chan on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Shimizu Ayaka (清水彩香)

Shimizu Ayaka

Shimizu Ayaka voices Usuta Sumire (臼田スミレ). Sumire comes from an average family, but is a bit of a gyaru. Despite appearances, she's actually very kind and is good at cooking. She likes to refer to herself in third person, calling herself by her surname, although said with a slight twist, so it sounds like Uster (ウスター).

Sumire's image colour is pink, and she is a member of the sub-unit SiSH (She is So High).

Like Kuma-chan and Shii-chan, Shimizu has a career spanning a few years back, but without that many major roles. One of her earlier roles was Akemiya Masaki, a male character, in Sasameki Koto, but she hasn't really had any major roles since. She was inspired to become a seiyuu after finding out that Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service and Conan from Detective Conan were voiced by the same person (Takayama Minami) despite being completely different characters. She enjoys playing mahjong.

You can follow Shimizu Ayaka on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here

Michii Haruka (道井悠)

Michii Haruka

Michii Haruka voices Kamishiro Sui (神城スイ), a tomboyish swimming star. However, Sui is actually afraid of men, and will unwittingly punch them if she is touched by any male. Despite this, Sui claims that she wants to become a prince, just like the prince from her childhood.

Sui's image colour is blue, and she is also a member of the sub-unit SiSH.

Michii Haruka doesn't really have any other significant roles other than Sui, unfortunately. Hopefully now that Tokyo 7th Sisters is getting bigger, she'll be getting more roles soon! She enjoys designing, watching movies and eating.

You can follow Michii Haruka on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Imai Asaka (今井麻夏)

Imai Asaka

Imai Asaka voices Kuonji Shizuka (久遠寺シズカ), a rich ojou-sama character. Shizuka is actually childhood friends with Misonoo Mana, one of the members of Seventh Sisters, and became interested in becoming an idol because Mana looked like she was having a lot of fun. Typical of an ojousama, she is quite uneducated about the "commoner's world", so takes interest in many mundane things, including puns.

Shizuka's image colour is yellow-green, and she is the final member of the sub-unit SiSH.

Imai Asaka started off doing things like radio show assistants and theatre performances, but in more recent years has started voice acting. Her first major role was Shizuka, but she was also cast in the role of Sasaki Chie in THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS shortly after. She enjoys dancing and snowboarding.

Unfortunately, Imai Asaka isn't on Twitter, but you can view her Wikipedia page here.

Oonishi Saori (大西沙織)

Oonishi Saori

Oonishi Saori, nicknamed Saorin (さおりん), voices Alessandra Susu (アレサンドラ・スース), a blonde beauty who came to Japan from America. For some reason, she's really good at Japanese, but occasionally some English pops out. She also gets homesick sometimes, and cries herself to sleep. By the way, she's 14. No sico.

Susu's image colour is light purple, and she is the second and final member of the sub-unit NI+CORA.

Saorin is an up-and-coming seiyuu and has been relatively active since she debuted back in 2012. Recently, she has become a lot more prominent, with a number of major roles in the past year, including Sawamura Spencer Eriri in SaeKano, Momozono Makina in Denpa Kyoushi, as well as Kuzehashi Akari in Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic and Aiz Wallenstein in DanMachi this season. She enjoys drawing, playing the saxophone, and listening to radios.

Saorin isn't on Twitter, but you can view her Wikipedia page here. She also has a radio programme with Kuma-chan called Can Cho-me Can Banchi (キャン丁目キャン番地).

Nakamura Sakura (中村桜)

Nakamura Sakura

Nakamura Sakura voices Harumi Sawara (晴海サワラ), the eldest of the three Harumi sisters. The three of them are daughters of a fish seller. She's often described as being a very beautiful young lady... until she opens her mouth. At home, she likes channel surfing and bossing her sisters around, yet for some reason they all seem to trust her a lot.

Sawara's image colour is a bit uncertain. It was announced to be lime green, but her outfit during the live ended up being an aqua blue. She is a member of the sub-unit Sanbon Ribbon.

Nakamura has been active as a seiyuu since a few years ago, but almost all her anime roles thus far have been supporting or minor, with the exception of Rachnera Arachnera in Monster Musume no iru Nichijou. She has had a number of roles in games recently. Nakamura likes making dresses, massages and kyudo.

You can follow Nakamura Sakura on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Takai Maika (高井舞香)

Takai Maika

Takai Maika voices Harumi Kajika (晴海カジカ), the middle sister of the Harumi sisters. Kajika is a cheerful, polite and helpful girl, or so she thinks, but she's actually very careless. She likes sweet things, and for some reason, despite being the daughter of a fish seller, can't take raw fish.

Kajika's image colour is red, and she is also a member of the sub-unit Sanbon Ribbon.

Unfortunately, Takai hasn't had many roles up to now, with her most recent one in Hanayamata where she voiced Komachi Yuka, the guitarist and chorus vocalist of Need Cool Quality. She enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, football (soccer for you Americans), eating, and French literature. She also likes watching mecha anime like Gundam!

You can follow Takai Maika on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Kuwahara Yuuki (桑原由気)

Kuwahara Yuuki

Kuwahara Yuuki voices Harumi Shinju (晴海シンジュ), the youngest of the Harumi sisters. Despite being the youngest, she is actually the most mature and knowledgeable of the three. She is surprisingly realistic about matters. She wants to be like a normal elementary school kid and do things on a whim, but her realism always gets in the way. Her sisters call her Shii-chan.

Shinju's image colour is dark purple, and she is the final member of the sub-unit Sanbon Ribbon.

Kuwahara also hasn't had many roles thus far either, but she did voice the main character of Himegoto, Arikawa Hime. She enjoys sado, and comedy plays.

You can follow Kuwahara Yuuki on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Seventh Sisters
Minase Inori (水瀬いのり)

Minase Inori

Minase Inori, nicknamed Inorin (いのりん), voices the flawlessly beautiful idol terrorist (that's what she calls herself) Nanasaki Nicole (七咲ニコル). She's the whimsical leader of the legendary Seventh Sisters, and has attracted the attention of people across the globe. Two years after the shocking disbandment of Seventh Sisters, no one has a clue where she disappeared to.

Nicole is called Nico-chan by some of the other members of Seventh Sisters, and her image colour is light blue. Light blue is also the theme colour of Tokyo 7th Sisters.

Inorin also happens to, by pure coincidence, voice a second character in the game, who is absolutely in no way related to Nanasaki Nicole whatsoever. Her name is Rokusaki Coney (六咲コニー), and was introduced by the previous shihainin as a manager for Nanastar one day out of the blue. She's always in super high-tension mode, but is full of sympathy and gives the "sisters" of Nanastar helpful advice. However, she's always causing trouble, and seems to be hiding a secret.

Inorin is one of the more well known seiyuu involved with Tokyo 7th Sisters. Her first major role was Tanahashi Suzune in Love Lab, and quickly grabbed attention with a number of other major roles like Kafuu Chino in GochiUsa, Nazukari Mirai in Locodol, and Eddelrittuo in Aldnoah.Zero. Her characters before T7S were largely timid and soft-spoken characters, but now she is getting more "super genki" characters like Noel in Sora no Method and Hestia in DanMachi. Inorin really enjoys anime, games, vocaloid music and Disney films. She can apparently perform duet anisongs by herself at karaoke too!

You can follow Inorin on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here. Inorin is also quite active outside of T7S, but she co-stars with Saorin in DanMachi so they also co-host the DanMachi Radio.

Fuchigami Mai (渕上舞)

Fuchigami Mai

Fuchigami Mai, nicknamed Maimai (まいまい), voices the "Expressionless Songstress" of Seventh Sisters, Hanyuuda Mito. She has a heavenly voice that touches the world. In order to conserve energy for singing, she likes to sleep a lot, and even when she's not sleeping, she's usually quite expressionless and unresponsive, earning her her nickname. She's actually childhood friends with Nicole, and loves tofu.

Mito's image colour is dark blue.

Maimai is a reasonably well established seiyuu, having debuted back in 2009. Some of her more well known roles include Nishizumi Miho from Girls und Panzer, Iona in Arpeggio of the Blue Steel, and Alice Yotsuba/Cure Rosetta in DokiDoki! PreCure. She likes gathering information on birds, especially parrots, and doing her nails. She also holds a First Dan in kendo! Maimai also has a fanclub called Chelsea Friends, named after her pet budgie Chelsea.

You can follow Maimai on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Maeda Rena (前田玲奈)

Maeda Rena

Maeda Rena voices the only daughter of the Misonoo Concern, one of the world's leading conglomerates, Misonoo Mana (御園尾マナ). She's one of the members that binds the rest of the Sisters together behind the scenes. She has a dynamite body, but is quite slow to grasp things and quite sheltered from the real world.

Mana's image colour is pink.

Maeda has been relatively active as a seiyuu, but hasn't had many big roles. Last year, she had two big roles as Nikaidou Ayaka from Jinsei and Nike Lemercier from Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, the latter of which she also sang a beautiful insert song for. She enjoys peeling fruits and vegetables, swimming, and reading Dokaben. She can also play the piano and do calligraphy.

You can follow Maeda Rena on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Kurose Yuuko (黒瀬ゆうこ)

Kurose Yuuko

Kurose Yuuko voices Kotobuki Qruit (寿クルト), the energetic and active trickster of Seventh Sisters. She was apparently an orhpan, and was raised at a circus. She's always hungry, and has a wild personality.

Qruit's image colour is green.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about Kurose, as she hasn't made many appearances. Hopefully that changes from now on. She likes goldfish scooping and watching Takarazuka theatre shows, and can speak English!

Unfortunately, Kurose isn't on Twitter either, but you can view her Wikipedia page here.

Kawasaki Meiko (川崎芽衣子)

Kawasaki Meiko

Kawasaki Meiko voices Wakaouji Rui (若王子ルイ), the noble and dashing prince of Seventh Sisters. She has a perfect image, and is very popular with female fans, often calling them kittens (子猫ちゃん). Behind the scenes, however, she's actually a bit of a lazy slob!

Rui's image colour is yellow.

Unfortunately, Kawasaki hasn't got many main roles behind her either. She has a number of supporting and background roles, and was also involved with dubbing films and even theatre performances. She likes collecting natural cosmetics, online shopping, yoga and eating.

You can follow Kawasaki Meiko on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Tsuji Ayumi (辻あゆみ)

Tsuji Ayumi

Tsuji Ayumi, nicknamed Ayu-tan (あゆたん), voices Yusa Memoru (遊佐メモル), the member of Seventh Sisters with the most fans. But in reality, she's a double-faced girl, always plotting her next big money-making scheme! She markets herself as a lovely lolita idol "Memorun", and charms them with a mysterious juice called "Memorun Juice", which may or may not be poisonous. She calls her fans Memoru slaves, and they love it.

Memoru's image colour is purple.

Ayu-tan has been in the industry for over 10 years now, having debuted back in 2004. She voiced Elise von Dietrich in Sky Girls, and more recently Yuuouji Ouka in Noucome, Usuzumi Hatsumi from Saki Zenkoku-hen, and Bara-tan (Barattack) in Robot Girls Z. She enjoys playing games and cooking.

You can follow Tsuji Ayumi on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Yamashita Mami (山下まみ)

Yamashita Mami

Yamashita Mami, nicknamed Mamimi (まみみ), voices Kujou Ume (九条ウメ), the lead vocalist and guitarist for 4U. Ume is a selfish and determined girl, and despite coming from a poor family, maintains the "setting" that she is a rich ojou-sama. For some reason, she really hates Seventh Sisters' Nanasaki Nicole...

Ume's image colour is pink. Probably...

Mamimi debuted in the game Yakuza 5, and has since gotten more roles in games, including TERA Online, and has also made a few appearances on TV shows. She hasn't had any major anime roles yet though. She enjoys building computers, collecting anime goods, darts and playing games, and is also apparently a very big eater!

Unfortunately, due to other work obligations, Mamimi was unable to perform at H-A-J-I-M-A-L-I-V-E-!!. However, you can follow her on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Yoshioka Mayu (吉岡茉祐)

Yoshioka Mayu

Yoshioka Mayu, nicknamed Mayushii (まゆしぃ), voices Wanibuchi Emoko (鰐淵エモコ), the bassist and backup vocalist for 4U. Emoko is the kind of girl who could wear the sweetest smile on her face while inflicting emotional scars on you without even flinching. She's childhood friends with Ume, but the two never seem to get along and are always arguing. However, Emoko also really likes flowers, and is a nice girl deep down. Perhaps.

Emoko's image colour is yellow.

Mayushii is perhaps most well known for her role in Wake Up, Girls! as Shimada Mayu nowadays. However, she was also previously a child actress and had been cast in a few dramas and theatre performances. Mayushii enjoys watching plays, writing stories, and dancing, in particular ballet.

Mayushii isn't on Twitter, but you can view her Wikipedia page here.

Naganawa Maria (長縄まりあ)

Naganawa Maria

Naganawa Maria, nicknamed Marianne (まりあんぬ) or Nu (ぬ) for short, voices Saeki Hina, the drummer and leader of 4U. She's a bit on the chubby side, and loves sweets. She has a cute voice, which coupled with her short stature, often leads people to think she's a child. But in actual fact, Hina is very level-headed, and is capable of getting in between Ume and Emoko when they quarrel, getting them to make up, which shows her capabilities as a leader.

Hina's image colour is orange.

Marianne's (sorry, Nu is reserved for Numakura Manami) only major role in anime to date was Theiamillis Gre Fortorthe in Rokujouma no Shinryakusha, but she has been doing work for games. She also hosts two radios, one of which she hosts herself, the other she co-hosts with Ozawa Ari, who is part of the same agency as Marianne.

Marianne isn't on Twitter, but you can view her Wikipedia page here.

Chuna (秋奈)


Chuna voices twins Karakuri Hitoha and Futaba (空栗ヒトハ&フタバ) that make up the unit KARAKURI. They bear a strong dislike towards 777☆SISTERS due to the fact that they use the word "sisters" in their unit name while not actually being sisters. They also claim that they are capable of telepathically knowing what the other sibling is thinking!

KARAKURI's unit image colour is purple.

Chuna debuted a few years back with a few roles in Bingougami ga!, but her biggest role to date is probably Saegusa Kii in Aikatsu!. She was also briefly in a seiyuu unit idol called Purikettsu (プリケッツ), before leaving her agency. Chuna enjoys drawing, writing stories, observing other people and dubbing over things.

You can follow Chuna on Twitter here, or view her Wikipedia page here.

Hopefully this introduction was useful/educational. Look forward to the actual Live report!