Tokyo 7th Sisters 1st Anniversary Live 15'→34'~H-A-J-I-M-A-L-I-V-E-!!~ took place on the 31st of May at Zepp TOKYO. By now, you've had plenty of time to read the Introduction, so if you haven't done that, please do give that a read. If you've stumbled upon this post but you've never been to a concert before, you should give the Background post a read too.

This is the third and final part of fallingcirno and my live report. For this part, we finally get into the main content, the live, and we'll be stepping through the day chronologically.


Live Poster

In the morning of the live, fc went to line up for buppan. Things turned out to be quite disastrous though. Buppan was scheduled to start at 11am, so fc showed up to line up for buppan at around 15 minutes before 9am JST. and this is what it looked like already.

We also severely underestimated Tokyo 7th Sisters' popularity in Japan. So learn from our mistake: get there as early as you can to line up. It's much better to be there early than late. Also, don't plan anything else on the same day, because buppan will take a lot of time. fc didn't get out of buppan until about 4:15pm, by which time they had already started letting people into the venue! Meanwhile, I couldn't even go to buppan because I had prior occupations for the day...

It's worth noting that sometimes, if they don't sell out, buppan will continue after the live. I was able to line up for that and scavenge a few left overs. Things like the iconic light blue coloured T-shirt, the official doujinshi, and all the keyholders had sold out sometime during the day though.

Live goods

Pictured from left to right are: towel, 1st album (bought elsewhere), plastic shoulder bag, 1st live branded LumiAce 2, Drama CD, 2 pamphlets and the official doujinshi. The T-shirt is underneath everything, and the bag and drama CD were exclusively for premium ticket holders.

Entering the Venue

Immediately after entering the venue, we could see a large number of fancy flower stands decorating the lobby.

Sorry for the terrible photo quality. I didn't realise the phone I was using temporarily had such a terribad camera.

We had actually thought about funding a flower stand ourselves to make the presence of overseas fans known, but it was a bit too close to the live by then to submit an order. Maybe next year!

Zepp Tokyo supposedly fits 2,416 people at maximum capacity. As I made my way to the main hall, it became apparent that the hall would be operating at max capacity. By the time I got to the hall door, there were so many people I was apologising for every step I took. fc and I actually went in separately, but we somehow managed to squeeze through and reunite.


As per the rules, photography and recording is strictly prohibited in lives. The photos in this section are official photos provided to press, shamelessly taken from this MyNavi report.

01. H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!!


The live opened with H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!!, by 777☆SISTERS, which was a very fitting choice, given that the name literally means "The Song of Beginnings". Those of you who are familiar with the song will know that it starts quite slowly, and then quickly turns upbeat. It was a very good way to get the crowd excited very quickly. They actually also dropped light blue and silver streamers from the ceiling at the exact moment it transitions!

As soon as H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!! ended, without any break, 777☆SISTERS left the stage, and Seventh Sisters filed into the stage from the opening in the centre.

You lot! Are you hyped!? Seventh Live is about to start!!

02. Sparkle☆Time

7th Sisters

MC — Introductions

Immediately after the song ended, all of Seventh Sisters left the stage except Minase Inori. Inorin promised that the other members of Seventh Sisters would be back later, but for now, it was time to introduce the members of 777☆SISTERS, and called 777☆SISTERS back on stage.

Once everyone was on stage, they welcomed us to the live, and talked about how the venue was completely filled, and how not everyone that applied actually was able to get a ticket. Actually, I was part of that failing group, but I was able to get a ticket in the end.

Inorin began to introduce herself as Rokusaki Coney, the identity she adopts as she helps Nanastar rebuild. Whether she is successful in hiding her identity is debatable, but for the purposes of the live, Takada Yuuki and Oonishi Saori tsukkomi her, saying that she's not Coney right now! Following that, she re-introduced herself as the Beautiful Idol Terrorist Nanasaki Nicole with her trademark "Temeera, genki desuka!?".

Each of the members then go on to introduce themselves, starting with Takada Yuuki (Musubi) and Oonishi Saori (Susu). After Saorin finished her introduction, Inorin announced that Takada and Saorin had to leave to prepare for the next song, which was met with a huge cheer. Following their departure, the rest of the members introduced themselves.

Once introductions were over, all the members on stage once again welcomed us to the live, and then the lights went off and they went off stage.

When the lights came on again, NI+CORA were on stage.

03. オ・モ・イ アプローチ



After the song, the two girls lined up on the stage and began their MC. The revealed that they didn't actually have a script for their MC, so asked for ideas for things to talk about.

The first thing they decided to talk about was their outfits. This is pretty much the staple of staples when it comes to MC topics, but it was particularly interesting for NI+CORA because the two of them each have different outfits. As you can see in the photo above, Takada has a cute white and black and Saorin has a more mature black and gold.

The crowd called for them to do a spin (mawatte! 回って!), and Soarin went up a step and obliged. The crowded repeated the call for Takada, and Soarin egged her on and told her to stand at the "zero", to which Takada responds saying that you're not meant to talk about the zero. This refers to the "zero position" which is the marking on the stage that denotes the very centre position.

After talking about outfits, they expressed their gratitude for us going to see the live, and how they were happy to finally meet their shihainins (or in Susu's case, her darling). They mentioned some things like the male-female attendance ratio, which was obviously skewed to the male side but there were a surprising number of females there too.

Since there were only two of them, the stage felt quite empty, and the two of them picked up on this too. Before this, they had both been standing towards the centre, but then at this point decided that the people at the middle had seen enough of them so split up towards the two sides, and repeated some greetings there.

They concluded their MC by saying that all that banter was pretty much just "Girls Talk!!".

04. Girls Talk!!

Before the song began, they quickly taught us some calls and furis for the song.

The things they pointed out to us where:

  • Raise 3 fingers (index, middle, ring) when they sing "San"
  • Raise all 5 (open hand) when they sing "High"
  • Do a fist pump when they sing "bacchikoi" and "dosukoi" in the first and second verses respectively.

They didn't mention for us to call things like "dare dare" and "uso uso" during the verses, but we did so anyway.

The song itself is a very cute and cheerful song with a lot of talk bits, and the two of them did most of them live, especially the ones in the bridge. When we joined then in singing "daruuuuuui", they reacted really positively and thanked us for that too.

When the song ended, they left the stage.

Thank you so much, shihainin!

「ダーリン! 大好きー!」
I love you, Darling!

And they were quickly replaced by SiSH.




As with NI+CORA, the three members of SiSH opened the MC by talking about their outfits. It's worth noting that while Sui's image colour is blue, her outfit features an orange scarf, and I think that caught a lot of people off, as there were a lot of orange penlights instead of blue.

They then shifted the conversation towards the game itself, and asked how many of us actually played the game. Of course, the majority of the people raised their hands. They revealed then that Michii Haruka (Sui) and Imai Asaka (Shizuka) actually play the game regularly too, so they started talking about small things that annoyed them, like when you're scouting and you try to press the next area button, but you somehow miss the hit box and you waste your SP. It slowly shifted to talking about their experiences voice acting for the game.

Eventually, they also picked up on the male-female ratio, getting us to cheer when they called out a gender. Then Shimizu Ayaka (Sumire) lead into the next song nicely with a "speaking of boys..."

06. お願い☆My Boy


After the song, it looked like SiSH were going to talk about something, when suddenly Yoshioka Mayu (Emoko from 4U) burst onto the stage, saying that they're hijacking the live, and Naganawa Maria (Hina) trailing behind telling her not to do it. A small mudsling occurred between the members of SiSH and 4U, but eventually SiSH picked up on the fact that Ume is missing, and asked about it.

There, Emoko smirked, and said "That noisy girl won't be coming. She was fired. In fact, I fired her.", which elicited some laughs and cheers from the crowd, myself included. SiSH then asked how they intended to perform without their guitarist and lead vocalist, but Emoko then called for their replacement member, Shinoda Minami (Haru), to come up. The crowd and SiSH all reacted with surprise while Emoko continued to smirk.

Emoko then revealed that they found Haru in the toilet, and asked if they could hijack their live. Haru said that she always wanted to try playing a guitar and singing at the same time, which the others accepted and left the stage to 4U.

07. ワタシ・愛・forU!!


Before the song began, staff started bringing out instruments and amplifiers, which got the crowd super excited. But during the song they only pretended to play them while singing.


The earlier acting from the cast members was dropped for this MC. They introduced themselves, and then talked about a variety of topics. The biggest one was probably their impressions of each other when they first met. Marianne said that Mayushii seemed very cool and reliable, and Mayushii said that Marianne was literally like a real-life Hina, and mentioned how when Marianne was introducing herself, there was basically no difference between her regular voice and her character voice.

The three of them also made a promise to go out and eat together sometime. Of course, they would go and eat crepes, which is a direct reference to one line in the lyrics of friend. Shinoda then said that if you read the 4U scenario, the next song should be a bit special for you.

08. Hello…my friend

Intermission Drama

At this point there was an intermission of sorts, where they played an animated video drama about everybody going to BBQ (barbecue) on Coney's suggestion. However, in 2034, the culture of BBQ has been lost, so only Coney, Musubi, and Sumire knew what BBQ meant, and what it stood for. Coney, being the whimsical person she is, tells everyone to show up at the riverside with what they think is needed for a BBQ, and to guess what BBQ stood for.

For example, Hime brought tofu (her family runs a tofu shop), but that got burnt, so she figured BBQ stood for Burning Black Quality. On a side note, it's rather hard to believe that Susu, who is from America, didn't know what BBQ stood for...

After the intermission ended, Sanbon Ribbon came on stage.

09. Clover×Clover

Sanbon Ribbon

Unlike all the other sub-units, Sanbon Ribbon started with their second unit song. I'm not really sure why. After the song ended, they moved into the next song immediately.

10. たいくつりぼん


As with NI+CORA's MC, Sanbon Ribbon's MC didn't have a fixed topic either. Instead, they had three possible topics that they wanted the audience to decide between for them by applause. The three topics were:

  1. Talk about a childhood experience;
  2. Talk about the similarities between the three of them; and
  3. Sanbon Ribbon's activities from this point onwards.

I applauded for no. 1, but the crowd eventually chose no. 3. The three of them were really uncertain, and kept asking if it was really all right for them to decide their future. They then realised they didn't know what they wanted to do in future, so asked the crowd for suggestions. Some of the ideas that were suggested include a bus tour, and a web radio show.

Suddenly KARAKURI interrupted, taunting the three performers for what they deemed to be a subpar performance. They (though it was just one person) then barged onto the stage and said that they're hijacking the live. The three members of Sanbon Ribbon then asked the crowed if they should let KARAKURI take over, to which the crowd responded with a huge cheer, and they took their leave.

11. B.A.A.B


Because both of the Karakuri twins are both voiced by Chuna, she sung her song alone, though she did have two back dancers.

After her song ended, she left the stage without an MC, and WITCH NUMBER 4 came on stage.

12. Prizm♪Rizm



WITCH NUMBER 4's MC was full of energy, which made sense given that their first song is quite an upbeat song too. They opened with a quick highlight of their outfit, and then talked about their preparations for the live, including their dance lessons. In particular, they mentioned that their dance teacher seemed to be really scary at first, but turned out to be really nice.

They then shifted the topic to idols, and Nakajima (Hime) asked us what comes to mind when you mention idols. After a few shouts from the crowd, the members each contributed their ideas, such as liking strawberries, not needing to go to the toilet, and of course, general elections. However, the answer Nakajima was leading to was actually penlights, which she ran off to the side of the stage to get.

There, she asked us to switch our lights to orange, and then asked us to do the "Hime call". Shinoda then asked us to switch our lights to the Nanasis signature light blue, and do a "Nanasis call". Finally, Kakuma (Rona) told us to switch our lights to light pink, which is Haru's colour, but also the colour of... sakura.



After the song, WITCH NUMBER 4 left the stage, and the six members of Seventh Sisters came back on, as Inorin promised. This time, we finally got the introduction to the members. Their introductions were much more substantial than the 777☆SISTERS ones, and thus much easier to remember too.

As Nicole had already introduced herself, first up was Kawasaki Meiko (Rui). Rui is extremely popular with girls, and she calls them kittens (koneko-chan). So during Kawasaki's introduction, she called out to all the girls with koneko-chan, and was surprised when she got a huge reaction from the male crowd too. Rui's favourite food is sekihan, so Kawasaki mentioned that before the live, she went to eat 「O・SE・KI・HA・N」 (said in Rui's voice).

Following on was Tsuji Ayumi (Memoru). Inorin introduced her as the money-monger of Seventh Sisters, to which Tsuji responded that Inorin was being rude. Tsuji then proceeded to introduce herself as the Lovely and Gorgeous Angel Memorun♪. She told us that she had prepared lots of goods for us Memorun Slaves to buy outside, and then sung her version of Sparkle☆Time for us a capella.


The next person was Maeda Rena (Mana). After a very short and plain greeting, Mana revealed that she actually wanted to try doing a call and response like Nicole does, and asked us to shout "Temeera! Gokigenyou", to which the crowd obliged.

After Maeda was Kurose Yuuko (Qruit). As Qruit is the active and wild member of Seventh Sisters, Kurose actually ran around the stage and jumped up a few of the steps at the back during her introduction.

Finally, the last person was Fuchigami Mai (Mito). As Mito is a big sleepyhead, Maimai actually pretended to be asleep (while standing), forcing Inorin to "wake" her up. Since Nico and Mito are childhood friends, they had a short in-character exchange there, before concluding the introductions.

Then, there was a surprise from Inorin. As it happens, just three days before the live, May 28th, was Maimai's birthday! As such, Inorin and some staff had prepared a birthday surprise for her, and the entire hall sang happy birthday to Maimai. Near the end, Maimai looked like she was nearing tears. Some people then shouted that she looked really cute, and Maimai went back to her usual confident self, exclaiming:

I can't hear you like that! Maimai is...?


After that, the Seventh Sisters MC concluded, and the members left the stage, to be replaced by 777☆SISTERS again. Michii Haruka (Sui) thanked us once again for coming, and Shimizu announced that they would put their heart into the next song, revealing that the next song would be Cocoro Magical.

14. Cocoro Magical

At the start of the song, a number of huge 1 meter+ diameter balloons were pushed out from the balcony. They bounced around on the crowd's heads for the duration of the song, which was a bit distracting, but fun at the same time. Mysteriously, they all popped in rapid succession soon after the song ended.


Once the song ended, everyone lined up on the stage, and thanked us again. Takada said that just like the name of the live says, that live is only just the beginning, but they would never forget that day, their very first live. The crowd responded to this with a huge cheer, and once it died down, Takai Maika (Kajika) said that the next song would be 777☆SISTERS' final song, and asked us to guess it. Of course, we all knew the name.

Here, they taught us a special call for this song. There's a line in the bridge of the song that goes

どうやって どうやって どうやって 叶えよう (douyatte douyatte douyatte kanaeyou)

Normally, it's just sung once, but for the live, they wanted us to sing it back to them after they sing it (like a call and response). After a bit of practice, the song started.



As a surprise, there's a line in this song that they actually changed. The line goes

君の夢、聞かせてよ (kimi no yume, kikasete yo)
Let me hear your dream

but during the live they actually sang

君の夢、叶えよう (kimi no yume, kanaeyou)
Let us grant your dream

This was mentioned during the 17th episode of Kakuma Ai (Rona) and Saorin's radio show Can Cho-me Can Banchi after it was brought up by a fan letter (link, around 16:05, free until 18/06/2015).

Special Announcements

At this point, they took the opportunity to play a video to hype up the audience and announce a few things:

  • A 777☆SISTERS double A single CD will be released on 7/29.
  • A novelization will be published in Kadokawa's Comptiq starting this summer.
  • A T7S 4-koma manga will be published in Ichijinsha's Manga 4-koma Palette starting this summer.
  • A T7S comic anthology will be published by Ichijinsha's DNA Media Comics sometime this summer.
  • T7S will have a commercial booth at Comic Market 88 in August.

This information has since been posted to the live website.


After the video, as what was essentially an encore without the need for chanting, the entire cast came back on stage, this time all wearing the live T-shirt. Inorin made a touching speech.

The name of this final song roughly means "the twinkling of stars" when translated into Japanese. Twinkles last only a short moment, and one of the themes of Tokyo 7th Sisters is "the moment that [idols] can shine".

We will never forget the moment that we all shout this song's name. Let's sing it together! Are you ready? This is the song that Tokyo 7th Sisters began with: Star☆Glitter!

16. Star☆Glitter

Full Cast

As with H-A-J-I-M-A-R-I-U-T-A-!!, streamers were dropped for this song, although they used red and gold this time. I managed to grab some to take home as a souvenir.


And that concluded the live. Thank you for your patience waiting for this, and for reading all the way up to here. I know it's been a very long read, and I hope that our posts have been useful to you all. Maybe I'll see you guys next year at T7S 2nd live!

Keep reading for the setlist and a selection of photos from the performers below.



04Girls Talk!!NI+CORA
06お願い☆My BoySiSH
07ワタシ・愛・forU!!4U feat.春日部ハル
08Hello…my friend4U feat.春日部ハル
12Prizm♪RizmWITCH NUMBER 4
14Cocoro Magical777☆SISTERS
16Star☆GlitterAll Cast

Tweets from the Performers

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