"Final Tour, Concluded @ Mayu"

"Final Tour, Concluded @ Mayu"
This post is a translated excerpt of a blog post written by voice actress Yoshioka Mayu of the unit Wake Up, Girls!. You can find the full original blog post in Japanese here.

Just how much longer can we be together...
I want to savour this moment forever...
Just thinking about it brings me both happiness and pain.
The happier I am now, the more it will hurt me later when it all turns to nothing.
It's mysterious.
It seems like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience.
I'd rather not experience it too many times.
My heart probably wouldn't be able to take it ww

Good evening, I'm Yoshioka Mayu.

Our final live, at the holy land of Sendai, has ended.
And with that, our long-running tour has also come to an end.
I've let everything out.
No regrets.
Everything I wanted to convey, I've conveyed via words or song.
That is all that I can do.
All that's left is to believe that it reached all of you.
I wonder if it reached our characters?
Actually, it felt like they were on the stage with us.
After all, they grew together alongside us, and we were in their hometown of Miyagi.
And they were the starting point for WUG.
Minami's grandmother came to see us (she handmade a banner? Isn't that amazing?)
I could feel her love for the anime.

There was drama at each of the 4 concerts.
No one concert was quite the same as another; we kept stepping up our game.
That was something I could really feel through these performances.
It was incredibly fun.

First up, the project corner.
This corner started all the way back in Part 1.
Of course, Airi was in charge this time.
Everyone else is probably going to praise her sharp dance skills, so instead, I want to highlight her compositional skills.
If you think about it calmly, there aren't many people who can pull off that kind of performance without resting.
And of course, Airi's song choices always carry a deep meaning.
A message that far exceeds expectations.
That's why I can never match up to her.
Even though it's still February, the cherry blossoms were flowering.
They were in full bloom.

And the princesses were the Tohoku pair, Kaya and Airi.
Because the two of them are always so calm, I was able to relax.
Thinking back, I was so restless when it was my turn.
Their stability is truly representative of the Tohoku region, and made them fitting choices for princesses for our Tour Finale.

For Part 3, we wore different past outfits for each venue and day. For the final stop at Sendai, the outfits we wore were Polaris and TUNAGO.

There was a deep meaning behind wearing these two outfits at Sendai.
Polaris also reminded me of the ending of Shinsho, and TUNAGO of how hard we worked during 4th...
Lots of memories.

SSA is an extra stage.
Our final live in Sendai was well and truly our final live.
It was like a compilation of the entire tour.
The intensity of the final show was simply amazing.
It felt like a collision between souls.
I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to experience something like that again.
It was something we built together over the duration of the tour, after all.
On top of that, it's something the seven of us, and all of you, built together on the holy land of Sendai. There's just no recreating it.
Please don't forget about it.
I wish I could just seal away these memories in a box while they're still fresh.
But memories will fade over time; that's just how it is.
It's just a matter of how long they can continue to live on within all of you...
I feel like it's our mission to make that as long as possible.
Memories of WUG, of Tohoku... Memories you shouldn't lose, shouldn't forget... If these remain carved into your hearts just even a bit longer...
It would give meaning to our existence.

This beautiful scenery was a lovely present...
I found new courage through your unity.
Saitama Super Arena will definitely go fine.

So, things got a bit serious, but obviously we went out with a smile!
It wasn't all tears, we smiled, joked around, and laughed a lot.
That's how WUG ought to be.
It was fun.
I'm really glad we turned out the way we did.
I think that was the only reason we were able to complete the tour.
I'm honoured to have been able to work alongside these six members.
Laughing, then crying, and then laughing again.
I really believed that we could've just talked forever back then; I didn't want it to end!
It was the best.
I will treasure everything that we've accomplished together.

"Be confident and take the WUG audition."
Is what I want to tell myself six years ago.
"There's an unbelievably fun future in store for you.
"Seriously, it'll change your perspective on life more than a trip to the Himalayas.
"People really can change."

Thank you very much to everyone involved for making time in your busy schedules and coming all the way to Sendai.

Thank you for all your love.

WUG truly is the best, isn't it?

One final thing.
Now that we're on the verge of the extra stage known as SSA, a lyric just came to me, so I want to write it here too.

atarashii michi kirihiraku sorezore wo mimamotteite

Wake Up, Girls! Character song series 3 — 島田真夢 「ユメ、まっすぐ。」

It's scary how perfectly it matches our current situation!
I think this is might be a message from Shimada Mayu... Perhaps.